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Zeta Chapter Senior Spotlights

Class of 2021

Written by Bethany Nardo

As the school year comes to a close, graduation season is upon us! This year, Zeta Chapter had four Pi Dolla $ign class sisters graduate. Being from the Re-Charter class, they have been with the chapter from the start and have contributed to the foundation the Active House has now. We wanted to commemorate these graduating sisters in this article and allow them to offer their insight of their undergraduate years! 

Lamlinh Doan 

Plans after graduating: I plan on working full time while also taking a gap year in order to prep for grad school! I also planned a self reflection trip to California as a way to rejuvenate myself and find ways to improve to become a better individual 

Favorite Memory as an Active: Seeing my sisters picking up their littles and forming a bigger chapter. We started as a recharter with 14 sisters but now we have 28 sisters and even more moving forward. 

An advice for undergrad sisters: Remember to take care of yourself. Without physical mental health, you cannot do anything. So please love yourself and do anything to put yourself first as your number 1 priority. 

Tammie Hew: 

Plans after graduating: I’m currently unsure of what I’m going to do exactly but I hope to find a full time job soon! I plan to move back home to spend time with my family and cats. 

Favorite Memory as an Active: Conference 2019. It was so fun traveling with sisters and since it was the 25th year anniversary, Founders were also present which was so cool. I loved hanging out with other Chapters that we don’t see very often like west coast sisters. I’ll also never forget witnessing Battle of the Sisters for the first time. 

Advice for undergrad sisters: Take care of your health! Remember what you’re in college for and don’t lose track of your academics. It’s important to be able to balance your studies as well as your social life. 

Bethany Nardo 

Plans after graduating: I’m planning on taking a gap year and then applying to law school. This summer I’ll be studying for the LSAT! I’m really excited to really focus on myself and move on with the next chapter of my life. 

Favorite Memory as an Active: I honestly can’t choose between all the wonderful memories I’ve made but one of my favorites was definitely sisterhood retreat summer of 2020. It was our first retreat with sisters who weren’t part of the Pi class and I had so much fun bonding with everyone. I still look back to that retreat and it makes me smile everytime. 

Advice for undergrad sisters: It honestly flies by so fast, I wish I appreciated my time a lot more. I spent many hours in classrooms not even paying attention and after we went online, I found myself wishing I was sitting in those non air conditioned classrooms. I’m really thankful for my experiences in college. Go out and get involved in student organizations, cherish your time with your sisters, and have fun! 

Rachel Pham 

Plans after graduating: My plans are to work at a psychiatric hospital and study for the MCAT, then apply to medical school a year later! 

Fav memory as an Active: My Geo semester when I was RC. My Kiddies are so important to me and have made me so proud since they became Active Sisters. 

Advice for Undergrad Sisters: Do what makes you happy so that you don’t have any regrets.