FYI Philanthropy

You Never Know

At this time of difficulty, it is still important to be aware and understand the different issues going on. As we all know, our philanthropy is the fight against all violence towards women.

Last April, Gamma chapter participated in APhiG Speaks, and although we were not able to participate in this event in person, we still wanted to spread awareness. We posted on our Instagram stories where we provided several different resources an individual could use if they ever felt alone. Additionally, we posted stories where we tagged sisters that felt belonged in the given category. For example, “Life of the Party” or “Has the Biggest Heart”. Through this simple tag, the Instagram posts showed that anyone and everyone in Alpha Phi Gamma is there for each other and there is someone looking out/thinking about them.

This shows that no matter how much a sister may be struggling, there will always be a sister there for you and thinking of you.You are never alone. You are never alone.

Additionally, one of our sisters courageously told her story on the event of how she was sexually harassed. She mentioned how she was harassed not only once, but multiple times– by someone that she was close to. I can say personally for myself and many people reading her story, that you would not have ever expected her to be a victim, and this alone shows that you may never know what someone has been through. Something like this can happen to anyone, and you may not even know you’re being harassed if it was from someone close to you.

Unfortunately, this is a lot more common than we think, especially to females in college. We should all be mindful and be respectful towards anyone because we never know what a person has gone through.

Something that is really important to keep in mind is that our sister didn’t let this event define her. She used these events and rose above it in order to teach and help other women to become strong and not to be afraid to speak up about this topic. Our sister really emphasized in that post is not necessarily her story, but to bring awareness and unity amongst our communities in fighting against all violence towards women. Especially in dark times that we may be going through right now, we all should be there for one another.