FYI Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Xi Chapter Travels to West Coast Sisterhood: We Love Our Sisters and Our Sisterhood

As the Spring semester of classes finally comes to an end, one of the brightest highlights of
the entire semester was having the opportunity to travel for West Coast Sisterhood (WCS).
If you, unfortunately, could not make it to one of the most fun sisterhood events ever, don’t
worry! This article will detail everything from the road trip to Anaheim, activities during the
weekend, and some final thoughts.

3 sisters from Xi Chapter travelled from Tempe, AZ to Anaheim, CA for the weekend trip.
These sisters being my line Penny Nguyen, Lexi Kim, and I (Cassidy Ferguson). We started off the day
bright and early on March 31st at 9 A.M. to hit the road since the drive is about six hours long
in total. I would like to include a huge shoutout to Penny for being the MVP as she drove the
entire six-hour trip herself no matter how many times we offered to take over. The road trip
there was overall nice! Minimal amounts of traffic, good weather, and the 3 of us talking the
entire time. At one point our music stopped playing because we had no service. However, it
took almost an hour for any of us to notice because of how much, and how loud, we were
constantly talking.

We arrived at the Airbnb in Anaheim in the late afternoon. Upon arriving, we met our amazing
hosts, Alpha Chapter, as well as sisters from surrounding West Coast chapters. After
unpacking and settling down in our room, we had a delicious dinner at Rodeo39 Public
Market. Rodeo39 is essentially a big market with many different restaurants and vendors. It
was so much fun walking around, and I ended up stuffing my face full of Japanese curry,
rice balls, and boba. After dinner we all just chilled at the Airbnb and got ready for bed for
the busy day ahead.

Saturday, April 1st , was chock full of exciting activities. From team games to painting tote
bags in the sun, we were so happy to be able to meet new sisters and enjoy each others’
company. My line sisters and I’s favorite activity of the day was definitely walking around
Downtown Disney. We posed for lots of pictures (and I mean a lot). Aside from
photoshoots, we ate yummy treats like churros and browsed all of the cute little shops
along the streets.

Unfortunately, time flies when you’re having fun and the last day of the retreat had arrived.
After eating breakfast and packing up, we took one last group picture in our cute WCS shirts.

We then started saying our goodbyes, and my line sisters and I were so sad we had to leave
earlier than everyone else for an event later that day. We were actually so sad that we sat in
the car to calculate if we could stay longer without being late to our event.

West Coast Sisterhood was such an amazing experience and bonding moment for us here
at Xi Chapter. Again, a big thank you to Alpha Chapter for hosting us, we love you so much!
Seeing how wonderful of hosts Alpha Chapter were actually inspired us to work towards
one day hosting our own WCS. Until then, we’re already looking forward to next year’s retreat, and you bet you’ll see the 3 of us there again.