Event Recap FYI

What’s New with Nu Chapter: Bridging the Gap

In an effort to bridge the gap between alumni and new sisters, Nu Chapter
has put emphasis on three end-of-the-year events that will provide opportunities in building
connections. These connections will build a foundation for the continued process of lifelong

Having over 100 members, Nu Chapter now has more alumni than undergraduate sisters. As
all of Alpha Phi Gamma’s sisters graduate and transition into “the real world,” we lose the
day-to-day opportunity to see sisters. Although sisterhood is lifelong, the process of meeting
and bonding with someone is lessened. This year, our chapter has been working hard
towards bridging this gap and building opportunities for connection.

In working towards this goal, Nu Chapter held three end-of-the-year internal events. We had
our first alumni Thanksgiving potluck on November 20, 2022. One of the marquee dishes was
the chocolate-covered turkey strawberry, made by the sweetest big/little duo, Vivien Phan
and Nicole Seah. From our Charters to Thetas, we reconnected with good food and good
company. It was a lovely time for all alumni to speak on current professional events and
personal life updates.

(Nu Chapter Alumnae)

In addition, we also held a puppy therapy event, Pause for Paws, on December 4, 2022. With
final exams looming, the goal of this event was to help all sisters relax for their upcoming
exams. This was a great opportunity for our sisters to bring their own furry friends and give
them the chance to unwind. Although it was a chilly day, chasing after pups and drinking hot
chocolate gave us the warmth we needed outdoors.

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(Two of our Nu-est sisters – 109N Holly Ngo & 108N Ellie Murphy)

(Nu Chapter – Pause for Paws Puppy Therapy Event)

Lastly, we closed the year off with a White Elephant gift exchange on December 5, 2022.
Sisters fought for the best gifts $10-$15 could buy. We had gifts ranging from a heart-
shaped waffle maker to a Squishmallow to a Yeti mug. After the exchange, the night
continued on as sisters played games from our childhood, such as 4 corners, cham-cham-
cham, and watermelon. Overall, this was a very comfy event to conclude the year with.
As our chapter keeps growing, we intend to continuously bridge the gap between all sisters
by creating more opportunities. The opportunity that we are most excited to work on next
year is hosting Alpha Phi Gamma’s National Conference. Both older and newer sisters will be
collaborating together to create an unforgettable conference. We hope to see many sisters
nationwide in summer 2023!

(Nu Chapter playing 4 corners)