Class Crossing FYI

Welcoming Our Fall 2023 Class, Tau Trueheart

After our Fall 2023 semester, Lambda Chapter is happy to welcome their newest class, the Tau Trueheart Class. Get to know the eight new baby panda bears cared for and taught by their PNM Mom, Lila “starRISE” Aryadwita, Ritual Chancellor, Victoria “JACK/PÖT” Jackson, and the Fall 2023 Lambda Chapter Active House.

Tracy “STAR•FIRE” Chen

“Hi, my name is Tracy Chen! I’m a sophomore & a finance major at UIC. My hobbies include dancing, thrifting, exploring new places, and just always down to have a fun time. I’m a very outgoing, spontaneous, and goofy person. The reason why I wanted to join Alpha Phi Gamma is because I appreciate and love what this sorority stands for and the sisterhood that it has to complete it. Alpha Phi Gamma has helped me to grow as a person, and it will only continue to do so. I’ve found a community that feels like home, which means a lot as I’m a transfer student.”

Pauline “COSM1X” De Gracia

“Hi!! I’m Pauline “COSM1X” De Gracia! I’m a sophomore Management major at UIC. Some of my hobbies include trying new foods and reading romance novels! I chose Alpha Phi Gamma because it has truly become my home away from home. I am confident that this sisterhood will always provide the support and safe space I need, and that sisters will always have my back. I look forward to how this sorority will contribute to my personal growth and the future memories we will make along the way.”

Jessica “APR!CΛTĖ” Dionicio

“Hello, Sisters! My name is Jessica Dionicio and I am currently a junior at UIC. I am majoring in psychology and minoring in biology. I aspire to become an industrial organizational psychologist or a genetic counselor, and I also want to open my cafe one day. In my free time, I like to build Legos/tiny wooden houses, watch TV, sing, and read. I love being able to travel as well as spending quality time with my family and friends. I would say I am quite shy around new people, but I get very bubbly when I get closer to someone. The reason I joined Alpha Phi Gamma is because coming to UIC, I was scared to branch out. I’m a junior who just transferred, and I thought it would be hard to find a community. When I met the sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma I could tell how genuine they were. They were never afraid to reach out and made me feel like I belonged somewhere. This sorority has helped me grow in many ways, and I’m excited to see what’s to come.”

Angeline “8/ball” Mutya

“Hi, my name is Angeline! I’m currently a nursing student at UIC. My aspirations in life are to give back to the community and help people as best as I can. Also, my hobbies are listening to music, thrifting, and traveling! I decided to join Alpha Phi Gamma because as a transfer student, it was hard transitioning to a new school, but Alpha Phi Gamma has welcomed me with open arms since day one. I love our sisterhood as I value being surrounded by empowering women who inspire me to grow into a strong & independent individual. The unconditional love & support my sisters have continuously given me is something I truly appreciate. I found a community that is my second home, and I am proud to be a sister of the most real & authentic sisterhood.”

Mallery “PHAΠTØM” Nash

“Hiiii I’m Mallery! I am a freshman in the BA Urban Elementary Education major at UIC. I’ve always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher and hope to be decorating my first classroom in a few years :). Apart from school, I work at Trader Joe’s on the weekends. I fill my free time with binge-watching Netflix and Hulu, painting my nails, crocheting, and baking/cooking. Other than becoming a teacher, one goal I have for myself is to become a dog mom to a pug 🐶. I love and choose Alpha Phi Gamma every day because of the wonderful relationships I’ve made. Since day one, my sisters have shown me nothing but kindness and love. They allow me to be myself and they are there whenever I need them. APhiG is my home away from home and has allowed me to find my place at UIC.”


​​”Hi! I’m Sandy “PURREBŁOOD” Ngo! I’m a freshman in pre-nursing! I love experiencing new things even though I am timid to do so. Some of my hobbies are listening to music, watching kdramas, and sleeping! I chose Alpha Phi Gamma because ​​as a freshman, I wanted to find a community with which I could have long-term friendships. Attending events hosted by sisters has shown me how authentic they are. It was more than being civil; the connection and time spent with my sisters showed how honestly they cared for me. And I can proudly say that I found a home away from home, a second family.”

Temmy “adrëπILLine” Olamoyewa

“My name is Temmy “adrëπILLine” Olamoyewa. I am a freshman studying pre-pharmacy. My academic goal is to get into a pharmD program and pursue a doctorate. My hobbies are reading, working out, listening to Afrobeat, and sleeping. Fun fact: If they could pay me to sleep, I would be a multi-billionaire. I chose Alpha Phi Gamma and will continue to do so every day because of the authentic and loving community that is judgment-free and filled with nothing but kindness. Joining Alpha Phi Gamma has allowed me to grow as an individual step out of my comfort zone and gain new experiences. Also, I am proud to say I have found my forever home away from home.”

Alyssa “äṙtILLery” Velazquez

“My name is Alyssa “äṙtILLery” Velazquez and I am a freshman at the University of Illinois Chicago. I’m currently majoring in Kinesiology because I would like to eventually become a physical therapist. I grew up playing sports until high school, as well as watching sports with my family. This made me very fascinated with injuries and sympathetic to athletes. So, from there I’ve had the desire to want to help injured athletes get back to the sport they loved so much, and physical therapy plays a huge part in that. The reason I chose Alpha Phi Gamma is because as a freshman, and a commuter at that, it was very hard trying to fit in at UIC. I would mostly just go to class and go home after. There wasn’t anything I looked forward to when coming to campus. That is until I met APhiG! They truly wanted to know the real me and made me finally feel wanted. From the start, they offered a comfortable and warm environment I never knew I needed. After attending the first recruitment event, I knew this was the place for me.”