FYI Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Weekend Recap in Mizzou!

This Spring Semester our Omicron chapter was able to send down two of our sisters down to Eta
Chapter for our annual Midwest Sisterhood Event. In this article, we will be showcasing Anna’s
and Maya’s accounts of how their weekend went and how they have strengthened their
sisterhood with sisters nationwide within Alpha Phi Gamma.

We sat down with Maya and Anna for an interview and to get more insights on how the weekend

What was your experience traveling down to the University of Missouri?
Maya: Traveling to Mizzou was bumpy at first, the weather didn’t really permit in terms of safety
but Anna and I were extremely excited to see other sisters for Midwest. Something I loved that
really stood out while traveling to Mizzou was seeing how different the landscape was in terms
of driving there. Going out of Urbana- Champaign, it is straight cornfields and flatland. Missouri
was different and refreshing; there were hills and really pretty trees while driving along the
expressway. It made this experience different from my home university which was refreshing
and enjoyable.
Anna: It was fun traveling to Mizzou because we got to get out of Illinois and see a new landscape!
Although Maya and I got caught in the rain on the way there, it was still a fun experience to go
on a road trip together and see a new campus.

What were some Sisterhood activities you participated in?
Maya: We participated in many sisterhood activities throughout this weekend which I all
thoroughly enjoyed, but the two that stood out to me were the Mizzou campus tour and the
newspaper fashion show. During the tour, the weather was beautiful out, and we grabbed boba
then headed to eat some delicious Mexican food. I enjoyed bonding with other sisters from
chapters and getting to know them. Similarly, the newspaper fashion show was one of my
favorites. It was hilarious because it was more lighthearted and allowed us to be creative. My
group created the infamous Kim K photoshoot. We won, but overall it was an extremely fun activity.
Anna: We did the human knot challenge, a newspaper fashion show, a Bob Ross painting tutorial,
and a scavenger hunt around the Mizzou campus! I really enjoyed getting to know sisters from
different chapters through these interactive activities.

What was the most fun part about the experience?
Maya: Honestly, just bonding with sisters from other chapters. I wish it was a longer experience
because I feel like I started to bond after the Saturday we were there, and when Sunday rolled
along and we were leaving, I was sad. But I am glad I got their socials because I want to stay in
touch with sisters nationwide. Overall, the entire experience was the best part!
Anna: I really enjoyed the entire weekend! My favorite part was just being able to talk to sisters
from different chapters and get to know them. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and I
felt the sisterhood even though I had just met them. I also had a lot of fun with the Bob Ross
painting activity because I love being creative, and it was fun to paint all together

What was your takeaway from this experience?
Maya: Sisterhood has no boundaries! I knew that, but this experience reiterated how even though
we may not see one another every day, we bonded and connected too fast because we knew we
had underlying sisterhood with one another.
Anna: I would have to agree with Maya that sisterhood has no boundaries! I really felt
Sisterhood with all of the sisters there even though our time spent together was short. It was an
experience that I think all sisters should get to experience if they get the chance! Meeting sisters
from all over was so cool and I loved getting to know them.

Through Maya’s and Anna’s experience, we were able to experience how their weekend went
and to further showcase that no matter what, sisters will always be here for each other
nationwide and that is what makes Alpha Phi Gamma so special to all of us!

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