Our Trademarks & Licensing


Alpha Phi Gamma National Sorority, Inc. is the exclusive owner of its federally registered trademarks. A partnership was formed with Affinity Consultants and a set of guidelines were created to preserve and protect our marks and maintain the recognized identity that is Alpha Phi Gamma from distortion and inappropriate usage.

Our Federally Registered Trademarks

To view the list of approved vendors, please click the following link greeklicensing.com.

When shopping for Alpha Phi Gamma paraphernalia, please be on the lookout for the Affinity logo!

Who can I reach out to for questions regarding the trademarks, licensing, design approvals, etc.?​

Please contact the Director of Trademarking at trademarking@alphaphigamma.org for more details.

Can any Sister approve vendors to produce Alpha Phi Gamma paraphernalia?​

No. All trademarks are exclusively owned by Alpha Phi Gamma National Sorority, Inc. Although Membership allows a Sister to display the letters, they do not have the right to approve vendors. All vendors requesting to use our marks, must be approved and sign a licensing agreement via Affinity Consultants.

If I am a Sister that produces and sells Alpha Phi Gamma paraphernalia, do I need to be licensed?

Yes. Any Sister that sells paraphernalia for profit must be licensed via Affinity and have all designs approved by the Director of Trademarking.

Where can a Sister view a list of approved vendors for Alpha Phi Gamma paraphernalia?​

Our Sisters are highly encouraged to support our organization and shop exclusively from vendors that are officially licensed with Alpha Phi Gamma. All vendors are screened to ensure the highest quality of products and services.