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The Impact of Women and Minorities

Written by Lamlinh Doan

What does it mean to vote? According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as “An expression of opinion or preference.” It is essential because some people are auspicious enough to live in a country where everyone can vote. We represent an incipient generation and need to accentuate how consequential it is to transmute society for people to live comfortably. Young adults, at this age, are commencing to break the ties from their homes and families. Most families are financially unstable with circumscribed responsibilities. With this in mind, we are more concerned with the future of our society and where this place called “home” leads to unbearable frustration.

In light of the approaching election, Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity and Alpha Phi Gamma Sorority hosted a voting election informational to spread awareness to younger generations at Michigan State University and beyond. The goal of this event was to have interactive and categorical presentations on how to become an educated voter for the 2020 election. Sigma Lambda Beta and Alpha Phi Gamma pushed for unity amongst our community to exercise the rights of a United States citizen. 

During the event, we had roughly 30 people in attendance. We presented on a Google Slide as well as playing Kahoot after the presentation. We additionally gave a rundown on how to register to vote and to check if one was registered to vote. Albeit the presentation was short, we had quite a few questions and answers from the audience. After the Q&A, the participants were eligible to win $20, $15, or $10 gift card prizes by answering Kahoot questions.

As both organizations identified with being a part of the Multicultural Greek community, it was important for us to educate and motivate our peers to vote. Just as it was consequential for women to express their civil liberties through voting, it is especially important to us as an Asian-interest sorority. As a part of the minority, a majority of us don’t get the chance to voice our opinions and we can’t take for granted the power in our vote. By having this collaboration, it portrays that there are women around the world who are not fortunate enough to have a roof over their heads. We are lucky enough that many women in the past fought blood, sweat, and tears so that one day we, as a woman, decide who represents us in the regime. Thus, I know that my vote will most definitely have made an impact on the future of my life and for my country.