The Impact Of Empowerment

Sisters of Nu Chapter

Written by: Noelle Napon and Yashmitha Lenin

This past March was Women’s History Month and we were able to pause and reflect on how strong our bonds are with each other as women. In the past year the world has been a turbulent and unpredictable place and it is easy to feel small and helpless; however, this past month gave us a lot of insight on what it is to be a part of a sisterhood. From our Mothers, Sisters, and other role models, all of us have women in our lives that deeply inspire us to keep pushing forward and grow.

For Women Empowerment Month, we reached out to all our classes and asked for them to share messages about which women in their lives empower them.  From our Charters to our Iota Class, so many sisters spoke on who in their life empowered them and shaped them to who they are today. 

Our sister Nicole “tigerEY3” Seah from our Beta Bioshock Class said “I am so grateful to be empowered by a community of sisters who have impacted my life in one way or another. APhiG itself has shown me that the learning and growing never stops. The important constants in my life are kind, eloquent and confident women. They have truly empowered me into the person I am today with their love and guidance. Small gestures are just as empowering at the right times and I am always appreciative of sisters who send a thoughtful text from time to time”

Our current President, Mariana “Kora” Castillo from our Zeta Zapphire Class stated “Every single one of my line sisters inspires me every day. Whether it’s their determination and work ethic or their outlook towards life, I am constantly inspired by them to become a better person. They have helped me grow into the person I am today and I am so grateful for them.”  

Reading these quotes from sisters throughout Nu Chapter was incredibly sentimental and reminded us to cherish and honor those close to you. It served as a well-needed reminder that we inspire those around us, whether we are aware of it or not. Our sisterhood strengthens and empowers us through thick and thin whether it comes from grand acts or small gestures. We hope this past month encouraged Sisters nationally to celebrate not only the sisterhood within Alpha Phi Gamma, but also celebrate themselves for how they’ve helped to build and foster empowerment in the lives directly intertwined in theirs!