Class Crossing FYI

The Alpha Kappa Kapuso

On November 14, 2021, Beta chapter at NIU crossed 7 beautiful ladies who brought
excitement and strong bond into the sisterhood. These ladies are very dedicated and
passionate to be a part of our authentic sisterhood as well as outside of the organization.
With such a big line, these ladies have overcome every obstacle standing in their way
toward building a strong sisterhood.

Victoria “MAZikeËn” Tom

Vicky is a junior majoring in Nursing. Vicky has been a great team member and has always been there for her line sisters. Vicky’s presence has always lit up the room and made her line sisters smile. As a leader, she has shown a strong dominant side and what it means to be a leader. She joined Alpha Phi Gamma to bring women like her together no matter who they identify as or their beliefs. She has performed teeth extractions and sutures.

Nani “KA7SUYU” Quezada

Nani is currently a graduate student and also a M.S.Ed Higher Education and student Affairs
Candidate here at NIU. She graduated from UIUC with a B.A in Latina/o Studies and a minor in
Leadership Studies. She has been a huge help to our sisterhood and always willing to offer helping hands to others. She is like the mom of her line.

Emily “KÄLI” Gallegos

Emily is a 20-year-old majoring in clinical psychology minoring in sociology. She has always felt
comfortable to share any sensitive information with sisters and is always there with an open arm for her lines. Her goal is to build a strong bond with women and empower them, she found home within our sisterhood and have always felt comfortable ever since then. Her favorite season is the spooky season.

Rene “Chrys.A.lis” Garcia

Rene is currently a junior majoring in Middle Level teaching & Learning ELA. She is a very funny
person and her line likes to call her the grandma of the group. She is from Florida and likes to crack jokes. She didn’t have much interest in sorority at first, but once she got to know her line and sister, she felt inseparable from them. She has brought nothing but joy and laughter into our sisterhood. She is someone who keeps our philanthropy close to her heart, and her goal is make sure domestic violence in women will not be kept secret. Fun fact about her is that she knows American Sign

Melita “ripTIDE” Inthabandith

Melita is the youngest among her line, she is currently a freshman pursuing a major in Nursing.
Melita is a hard-working person and always offers rides to her line sisters. She is someone her line can always count on. She is a big streetwear and JDM car person.

Schuyler “raya” Maguigad

Schuyler is a freshman currently majoring in Nursing. She is very athletic and currently ranks in the top 100 women athletes for Team USA Karate. She started Karate at 9 years old and likes to listen to hip-hop/rap. Schuyler is such a sweet and easy person to talk to, she has always been there for her line. Fun fact about hrt is that she is obsessed with sneakers.

Abby “ASTRA.ea” Callinan

Abby is a freshman majoring in business, her and her big are so much alike. Sister likes to call her Natalie Portman because she looks pretty similar to her. Abby has always shown dedication and passion to our sisterhood and felt comfortable sharing any information. Fun fact about her is that she likes to travel and collect snow globes and crew necks from places she visits.