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Taking a Stand For Sexual Assault Awareness Month

On April 19th 2023 the sisters of Nu Chapter came together to celebrate APhiG Speaks in the Nu Chapter tradition of tabling in front of the NC State Student Union. At the table, sisters invited students and faculty passing by to take the following pledge:

“I pledge to take a stand against sexual assault. By doing this I vow that my hands do not and will not hurt others.”

People could take this pledge by signing the form or by putting their handprint on a banner that said “APhiG Speaks” physically representing the hands that are committing to not hurt others. Taking this pledge and creating a banner for APhiG Speaks is a Nu Chapter tradition to celebrate the Alpha Phi Gamma national event and sexual assault awareness month.

In addition to inviting people to take this pledge, Nu Chapter worked with the NC State’s Women’s Center to share their resources on topics like IPV, stalking, bystander awareness, supporting survivors, etc. The stickers and flyers were a big hit and allowed for people to take small mementos and resources to accompany their pledges. Additionally Nu Chapter sold tulips, APhiG’s flower to raise money to support the NC State Women’s Center Survivor Fund. 

The NC State Women’s Center Survivor Fund is a fund given to NC State Students to help survivors of abuse or violent situations get out of those immediately dangerous situations. It was an honor to be able to donate $100 to support this cause and in turn support our peers.

APhiG Speaks is a very special event at Nu Chapter as it is for all sisters. We are excited to advocate for a cause we are so passionate about on our campus. During COVID, sisters had to do a virtual version of APhiG Speaks, so this year we were excited to bring it back in full swing and are excited to see where we take it in future years.