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Class Crossing FYI

Xi Chapter New Member Presentation: Mu ‘Mystique’ Class of Fall 2023 Reveal

New Member Presentations are one of the most significant and impactful ways to celebrate an identity-based/multicultural Greek organization. They welcome the newly crossed members into the community, showcase an organization’s values and traditions, and provide a space where all members of the Greek community can connect. Alpha Phi Gamma’s Xi Chapter recognizes the historical significance of new member presentations and celebrates their pride being in MGC through accomplishing their second ever new member presentation since becoming a chapter in 2020.

FSL Community Updates FYI

Xi Chapter’s First Probate as a Chapter: The Kappa ‘Koopa Troopa’ Class Probate Fall 2022

On November 29, 2022, the new member class of Alpha Phi Gamma’s Xi Chapter at Arizona State University completed their first probate since 2018; this marks their first probate completed since officially achieving chapter status in 2020. The Kappa ‘Koopa Troopa’ Class proudly stood in front of the Greek community on ASU’s famed Art Steps as it was vivaciously led by their Ritual Chancellor, Flora Lu, and Potential New Member Mom, Amy Tran.

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