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5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate FYI

5 Things I Wish to Do as an Active Before I Graduate

3 to 5 years may seem like a long time, but time can fly within a blink of an eye! Before these Colorado State University students graduate, what are 5 things they wish to accomplish as a Theta Chapter active? From picking up a little to frolicking in a field, here are some goals they’ve set before they earn their diploma (and an alumni reflecting on their 5 things too!)

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The 13th Amendment and Why it Hurts POC

Our US Constitution was made to establish justice and promote the general welfare of Americans. However, while the Constitution may have been made with good intentions, it is not exempt from public criticism and scrutiny especially when it only affects a certain percentage of the American population. This article questions the just and reasoning behind the 13th Amendment and how it affects prisoners of color.

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