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Starting the Conversation on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Starting the Conversation

Written by Lizahira Cadenas

The month of October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This month, Beta Chapter showed their solidarity with survivors by starting the conversation on domestic violence for those who do not have a voice. 

During the week of October 19, Beta Chapter began releasing videos as part of a series titled “Starting the Conversation”. The goal of this mini series was to increase awareness and create a safe space to discuss domestic violence. In our first video, our Neo sister, Alyse “Kaida” Mommer discussed defining consent. Our sister Marigold “KEKO•α” Sagun discussed sexual assault and domestic violence in the second video. Specifically, Sagun explained intimate partner sexual assault and drug facilitated sexual assault. Sagun also provided resources for survivors from RAIIN and Safe Passage in DeKalb, Illinois. 

On day three, Allison “T.HANA” Simon, spoke to our audience about the effects of domestic violence and sexual assault. This segment was made to help our viewers understand how a survivor’s behavior may change as well as a reassurance for those who have experienced such events. 

Our sisters Midori “ZEAL” Sakagawa and Zoe “re-VIVE” Bragas spoke about the significance of Purple Thursday on the last day of our mini series. This year Purple Thursday was on October 22 and signifies a day for people to wear purple in honor of Domestic Violence Awareness Day. Furthermore, our sisters also informed others on how to stay safe and protect others on campus, in social settings and at home.  We acknowledge that quarantine may not provide a safe space for all and we want to continue to be the voice for others and let them know they are not alone during these difficult times.