FYI Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Sisters make the best host when traveling to another Charter for an event such as Conference, Sisterhood events, or just to hang out! Revisiting each event hosted by other Sisters, University of Wisconsin – Whitewater Sisters reviewed their experiences traveling within the month of October, five Sisters from UW-W were able to travel to two different Charters, University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University’s.

Starting off with UIC, Montserrat “<3Piece” Cuevas, our President and Fatima “¡GLAMOUR!” Barajas, our Treasurer, were able to attend and experience traveling to another Charter in person for the first time! In order to get the best insight from their travels, I asked these Sisters some questions about their experience. According to Montserrat, she enjoyed traveling to UIC. She was also very grateful to the Sisters who hosted them and that it was a fun time! If they had not been offered housing, UW-W Sisters would’ve had to drive at 3am to make the event on time! Our Sister, Fatima, stated that she was intrigued by how the Charter conducted their business, and it was a great experience to see the differences of set traditions that have been established compared to our Charter, that is still finding our own uniqueness. She also mentioned that Sisters were nice and assisted her with any questions needed, which made her feel more comfortable. Overall, their experience at UIC made them feel welcomed and they enjoyed their time seeing Sisters. Bonus points for being able to see many psisters!

The next event hosted was by sisters from NIU. Four of our Sisters were able to visit Beta Chapter, where we all were welcomed by alums, Sisters from the Charter, and traveling Sisters. Maikou “SÄGE” Xiong, our Director of Judicial Affairs, mentioned that she was excited to go to go since this was her first time at another Charter outside of Conference. She stated that she enjoyed how welcoming Sisters were and how she was able to reconnect with traveling Sisters from previous events such as Conference and Midwest Sisterhood. Maikou’s Little got to meet her G-Big and got to take a turtle family picture! 

Montserrat and Desiree mentioned that their event ran smoothly and they loved  seeing and meeting psisters and other Sisters that were present.

Sisters make the best host to experience different settings, outcomes, and processes during events. Taking the time to experience another Charter’s event is very eye opening to learn about the different expectations and traditions uniquely set by each Charter! This opportunity also allows us the opportunity to build and grow bonds with other Sisters nationally.