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Sisterhood Spotlight: Kappa Chapter’s CharCUTIE Night

The sisters of Kappa Chapter hope you had a lovely February and overall start of the year!

On February 15, 2022, we hosted a Sisterhood event called CharCUTIE Night! Our wonderful Sisterhood Chair, Brianna, prepared a charcuterie board for all to enjoy, plus sweet treats to share. We played games on Jackbox and split off into teams to add a fun, competitive twist to the games. It was a chance for us, regardless of status, to all get closer to each other after a busy start to the semester.

Below are some words from our Sisters:

“Coming from winter break and jumping straight into recruitment, the beginning of our semester was very packed and it was hard making room to spend quality time with each other. Now that the hustle and bustle subsided a little, it was a perfect opportunity for a sisterhood night. I had an amazing time with all of my Sisters, and I’m looking forward to more times like this during the semester!”

~ Kayla “Luv(sic)” Arcangel

“Planning our charcuterie night was so much fun. I love how something as simple as food could bring us all together to catch up on each other’s lives outside the business side of the sorority.”

~Brianna “Sundr0p” Robinson

“We are a small Active House so sometimes business and sisterhood get intertwined easily. However, we made it a goal to push that aside for that night and it was a great feeling. Our sisterhood gets stronger everyday and it really showed that night because no one wanted to leave and we couldn’t wait until we planned our next hang out.”

~ Janea “Enola” Santiago

As we grow and evolve as a re-charter, our collective goal for this semester is to strengthen and grow our bonds of Sisterhood! The love we have for the Sisterhood is unbreakable and this night proved that these bonds are lifelong! As we close off the month of February, we are so excited to continue to grow our Sisterhood through our events, spontaneous or planned.

Kappa Chapter