FYI Sisterhood

Sisterhood in A Time of Quarantine

It’s hard to escape the effects of COVID-19; actually, we’d go as far to say impossible. While so many things are changing, our drive to maintain and build our bonds of sisterhood are still strong – different, but strong. Right now, we’re all just looking for a sense of normalcy during a time where nothing really seems certain. One thing that will always stay consistent, is that our Sisterhood will always be there for us.

We may no longer be able to meet in person, and previously planned events we were excited for can no longer happen, but we’re resilient. As a chapter, we’re now holding weekly sisterhoods, and even had a Netflix party where we watched the first episode of Crash Landing on You. Sisters who watched it before got a chance to fan girl over Hyun Bin and Son Ye-Jin, and sisters who hadn’t watched it before (hopefully) got a chance to get hooked (unfortunately, some sisters were not as, uh, enamored). Our Active House was joined by a few alumnae and we were able to have fun and have meaningful conversations. Looking on the bright side of moving Sisterhood events to online, we were able to find a venue where we can promote a stronger connection (no pun intended) with our alumnae.

Other virtual sisterhoods included bouts of and a short game of Remote Insensitivity (which fair warning, is not for the faint of heart). It’s definitely not the same as sitting next to one another, laughing until we collapse on the floor, but we’re doing the best and sharing smiles virtually. We’re learning new things about each other that we haven’t been able to before and that’s something we can all be grateful for. We were able to see Sisterhood looks different, but we’re still able to make new memories.