Class Crossing FYI

Rho “ready ør not” Class

This past fall, Mu Chapter had the honor to introduce 10 new Sisters into this amazing Sisterhood! Together they have shown authentic sisterhood and dedication and our chapter is so excited to introduce our Rho Class to our chapters nationwide. Introducing…. THE RHO CLASS! 

Sister: #68M Emily “âs¡erqles” Chai 

“Hi, I’m Emily. I’m a first-year studying psychology. I’m from New York, New York and some of the things I like to do include shopping, hanging out with friends, playing games, reading, and anime. I also really, really like the color pink. I chose to join APhiG because of the amazing sisters I have met and bonded with during recruitment. I felt extremely welcome and like a key that fits perfectly into a lock, I felt like I was meant to be a part of APhiG. In the past, I have never done any extracurriculars or involved myself with any sort of community but after recruitment week. I was inspired to step out of my comfort zone and give it a try, and I’ve never regretted my decision. Being a part of the APhiG community so far helped me learn a lot about myself and helped me strive towards growth. I’m proud to be here and am excited for what comes in the future ♡” 

Sister: #69M Mylinh “Sat¡va” Dao 

“Hi! I’m Mylinh, and I’m a junior majoring in Biochemistry. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, writing, working out, playing tennis, practicing piano, watching shows, anime, and dramas, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. I also like to get involved with VSAM, so I can feel more connected with my culture and the community. For the reason why I joined APhiG, my views on Greek life definitely shifted a bit after I attended Recruitment Week and met great people. I realized I wanted to make the most of what is left of my undergrad years, so I thought why not and decided to join. This was a great decision! I learned a lot through my process here and gained memories and experiences that I will take to my grave. The sisters are welcoming and the connections I made here have definitely shaped my college years for the better. I look forward to my future here at APhiG!”

Sister: #70M Jolena “pônlü” Davannavong 

“Herro, my name is Jolena. I’m a freshman who plans on majoring in International Business, Supply Chain and Operations Management. Some things I like to do are sleep, drink boba and homemade thai tea, solve word searches, and eat dino nuggets with my line shisters haha. The main reason why I joined APhiG is because I wanted to build a social life for myself because I didn’t really have one in high school. I have a hard time with getting out of my comfort zone which is why I decided to join a sorority. I chose APhiG because I knew some people who were APhiG already and when I first went to some events, I enjoyed talking to everyone there. And that’s when I realized that I would definitely make some friends. Being in APhiG has allowed me to get to meet new people and hangout with them, learn more about Greek Life, and made me realize that an old part of me has come back stronger than before. Although it’s just the beginning, I can’t wait for what happens next in the future……surprisingly I’m excited for what’s to come…. 

Sister: #71M Skyla “da¡ûrq” Lee 

“Hi, my name is Skyla! I’m a freshman majoring in Computer Science. I’m a bit of an eccentric person <3, but I’m plenty friendly. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and playing video games . I joined APhiG because I really enjoyed the environment and community it provided. I wasn’t planning on joining a sorority or greek life at all until my twin (Emily) dragged me to their recruitment events. Growing up, I never found a large community to fit in. It was at APhiG’s recruitment week where I finally found a community I could see myself in. As I kept going back to their events and eventually through the process, I began to find myself seeing a spot for me in the sorority. I think what really sold me was how I saw APhiG change me into a better person. I began becoming more active and outgoing. I saw how the sorority helped me grow as a person, as well with the comfortable guidance of my other sisters. APhiG helped me become more aware of things around me and helped me get involved with the community which I really enjoyed. I’m really happy I joined and found so many amazing people I could connect with. 😏😻😻

Sister: #72M Meili “PRË.H” Lin 

“Hello Hello! The name is Meili! I’m a second year student studying Management Information Systems. I love life, which is why at any given chance I will most definitely catapult myself into the abundant chaos and experiences life has to offer. I love seeing the world, immersing myself into different cultures especially through food. Honestly, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I joined APhiG. 

I am excited about the opportunity to connect and collaborate, and I look forward to the memories and everlasting sisterhood that waits ahead. 

Sister: #73M Sam “Luem:ńosity” Nguyen 

“Hey my name is Sam! I am a first year student planning on majoring in health and well being sciences at the University. Outside of school, I like to go shopping, hang with my friends, and play volleyball. I am a spontaneous person and love to do things out of nowhere. If anyone ever wants to hang out, I’m down! Initially, I wasn’t thinking of joining a sorority but after meeting all the sisters and connecting with them, I knew that being in APhiG will change me (in a good way). I joined APhiG because I wanted to be involved in a community surrounded by women who support each other. In high school, I didn’t have a strong community and support system so being in APhiG allowed me that. I also wanted to join because I wanted to branch out and get out of my comfort zone. I can be a shy person but APhiG allowed me to be more extroverted and helped express my true self. ” 

Sister: #74M Terra “tyāte” Pelach 

Hi, my name is Terra. I’m a second-year majoring in Retail Merchandising with a minor in Asian Middle Eastern Studies. I’ve always had an interest in fashion, media, and marketing so I felt this major perfectly combined my main interests. I also find joy in thrifting, listening to new music, taking photos, and making little videos of my experiences. I wasn’t planning on joining Greek life until I met the girls of APhiG. I felt at peace knowing I had found the sense of community I was missing at the University. These girls have made me feel so safe in learning and growing beside them as we navigate our college years. I am thankful for the people I have connected and made memories with so far, and I am excited for the new opportunities that APhiG will bring. 

Sister: #75M Christine “cøda.” Pham 

“My name is Christine. I’m a first year majoring in Computer Science. Similar to my major, I like the techy activities such as building PCs, building keyboards, and coding. However, outside of that, I enjoy legos, cars, tennis, editing photos and videography, or/and anything that gives me adrenaline. I joined APhiG because I wanted to find a sense of belonging. Additionally, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and I’m happy APhiG has provided me a safe place to do so along with the support of others around me. While I have only been here a month, I have already made so many memories in Greek life that I hope to continue and grow with my time here. I also hope to make my mark within this chapter. I’m looking forward to what APhiG has more to offer me. “

Sister: #76M Elia “HAË.H” Shin 

“Hello, my name is Elia! I am majoring in Animal Science hoping to stay on the pre-vet track at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. I mostly nap, workout, watch ASMR cleaning videos, study, and eat during my free time. I used to be a super messy person, then I came to college, and now I have the worst cleaning addiction. I get excited when a cleaning supply comes into my view. Also, I love listening to music in my free time. I love Ethel Cain, Lana Del Rey, or good EDM music. Honestly, I joined APHIG because I was super duper lonely during orientation week and I was like “I should do something about it”. So I met some people in APHIG and I fell in love. Now that I am in APHIG… I have no regrets! I am super duper excited for my time in AH with my lovely sisters and how I will grow as a person throughout my APHIG journey! 🙂 

Sister: #77M Nancy “Śolar:á” Tam 

“Hello, my name is Nancy! I am double majoring in Youth Studies and Business and Marketing Education. I like watching movies/shows, and I love naps. I am a self-care girl and will drop money on skincare. I like to go hiking and go out with people I am comfortable with. I am a social butterfly when I need to be, but I also enjoy doing my own thing away from everyone. I met many APHIG sisters before joining, and they made me feel very welcome even though I was not a part of the sorority. I loved talking to all the sisters, and I also wanted to be a part of a community which made me realize that APHIG was the best choice.”