Class Crossing FYI

Omicron Chapter’s Epsilon -EV̈ERLOV̈E- Class

On November 6th, 2022, Alpha Phi Gamma’s Omicron Chapter at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign welcomed their newest Sisters. Throughout their time in Alpha Phi Gamma, these 5 ladies have displayed passion, growth, and persistence toward the Sisterhood. Their journey was guided by their Ritual Chancellor KC “Dra-CO” Raguay and their PNM Mom Emily “GVB-BANÄ” Bautista who are incredibly proud of them. Let’s get to know these lovely ladies!

#52O Amber “Vitā” Bou

Amber is a sophomore majoring in interdisciplinary health sciences. Her determined and deeply caring nature has her willing to always step up to the plate. 

“Alpha Phi Gamma allows me to be the best version of myself. I am constantly surrounded by such a diverse and inspiring group of ladies who teach me new things every day. I love giving back to this community that puts so much good into the world!!”

Fun Fact: She loves to collect Sonny Angels!

#53O Kristin “ILLustrious” Cho

Kristin is a sophomore who is studying interdisciplinary health sciences on a pre-dental track. Her easygoingness and humorous side puts a smile on everyone who talks to her. 

“I love Alpha Phi Gamma because it is a place of genuine women who are there to support every part of you. Through everything they do and support, it is clear that these ladies have hearts of pure gold.”

Fun Fact: She really REALLY likes spam and eggs! 

#54O Sueyin “*VEGA*” Gonzalez

Sueyin is a junior pursuing English with a minor in secondary education. Her sweet and calming personality makes everyone feel at ease. 

“I pursue Alpha Phi Gamma because of the empowering sisterhood, which uplifts and encourages each of us to be our own, unique selves. Alpha Phi Gamma helped me locate a

feeling of belonging I’ve been seeking out. Sisters truly bring the best out in one another and

create unity, whilst respecting each and every sister.”

Fun Fact: She made YouTube videos when she was in middle school!

#55O Katie “TITĀN” Leinart

Katie is a junior majoring in Architecture with a minor in Art + Design. As an adventurous and ambitious individual, her passion is admirable and inspiring to those around her. 

“I chose Alpha Phi Gamma because it fosters strong and authentic women to strive for excellence, as well as push ourselves to grow to become our best version. It helps me showcase every aspect of myself, including my strengths, and encourages me to work on my weaknesses. At the end of the day, Alpha Phi Gamma is a group of women who will always unconditionally support each other, which is why I’m so lucky to be a part of it.”

Fun Fact: She’s a big Hunger Games fan!

#56O Cindy “MA!SON KíTSV̈Né” Phung

Cindy is a senior studying Graphic design with a minor in Informatics. Her mature and open-minded attitude brings a fresh perspective to the Sisterhood. 

“Alpha Phi Gamma is a space where I’ve learned to be 100% unapologetically myself. I love Alpha Phi Gamma because it’s a community of incredible ladies that is conducive to growth and celebrates individuality.”

Fun Fact: She did set design, set construction, prop making, lighting design, sound design, and sound engineering in high school!