Class Crossing FYI

“Nu” Class Alert: Nu Chapter We Keep It 100!

Six years ago, on June 14th, 2015, Nu Chapter was established through the hardwork and
dedication of our Charter “Crown Royal” Class. With a journey that started with eleven ladies,
Nu Chapter has reached a new milestone of reaching over 100 sisters this past semester with
the reveal of our Lambda “LMNT” Class. Nu Chapter takes great pride and joy in welcoming our
Lambdas. They have all worked so hard to be where they are today, wearing their letters with
great pride.

97N Erika “1ronclad” Collado
98N Ysa “In the Spirit” Ferreria
99N Hannah “Deadly Flourish” Gao
100N Thida “PHOENIX stone” Lee
101N Sherry “lepidoL1GHT” Lu
102N Jade “face the SUN” Vogelsong

The Lambda “LMNT” Class can be described as a line of six fresh, inspiring, and beautiful
individuals who have diverse experiences and personalities. Even though they come from
different backgrounds, they are brought together by the unbreakable bonds of love, passion,
and sisterhood. When faced with obstacles, our Lambdas continue to show resilience and
vulnerability, exemplifying what it means to be a sister of Alpha Phi Gamma.

Their PNM Mom, Joyce “Kaleido” Yun, shares these words regarding the Lambda “LMNT”
Class: “My kiddos are strong and unstoppable; each one of them, no less or more, make them
the hardcore line they are today. They put their whole-heart into everything they have their mind set on, but most importantly to one another. The bond and love they have for each other lights up any room, and I can’t help but be continuously proud of the sisters they are becoming. It’s only the beginning, but I know they will do amazing things not only for our chapter, but for the WORLD!”

As we reach over 100 sisters with our newest class, we are able to look back and reflect on
what Nu Chapter is today in 2022. The diversity, strength, perseverance , and grace of our
newest class mirrors what Nu Chapter has built the past six years on the campus of North
Carolina State University. No sister is the same, but each one of us brings an important element
and “spice” to our sisterhood, making us powerful. Our differences make us strong, but the love
we have for one another makes us who we are. The love we carried the past six years (and
counting) has made us dedicated and thrilled to see how much more our chapter will flourish.
Cheers to triple digits and to forever keeping it real and “100!”

Below are some words from our Charter:
“It’s crazy to see how big our chapter has grown in the past 6 years. We only imagined being
able to hit triple digits when we first started and I am so happy to see it actually happen. I am so proud of Nu Chapter for continuing to set a strong foundation for future classes so that no matter how big we grow, our bonds are as strong as ever.” -8N Vivien “wanderLU5T” Phan

“I’m incredibly proud of where the chapter is today! We’ve grown so fast and I still can’t believe
how big we’ve gotten. It used to be just us 11 charters and it feels surreal to be where we are
now. The chapter has reached 100+ sisters and maintains putting out quality work. Our Active
House has won awards such as Sorority of the Year while still growing and keeping a strong
relationship with one another.” – 9N Misha “Love On Top” Tobar