FYI Sisterhood

Nu Chapter’s Spooky Sisterhood

Sisters on a zoom call together

Written by Jeehe Han and Pooja Lenin

On the 17th of October, Nu Chapter had a fun, spooky sisterhood event in celebration of Halloween and to strengthen our bonds as an Active House and sisters. Sisters dressed up to get into the Halloween spirit, and we saw that many sisters had matching costumes as we explained who or what we were. 

The first activity that was planned was “Would you rather?” where sisters had to choose between two options which one they would rather be/do. The subjects ranged from fun theoretical situations such as “Be a firebender or waterbender” to more intimate topics such as “Are you more scared of failure or success?”. The next activity was perception questions where sisters were given questions asking the rest what they believed was true about the sister asking. For example, a sister would ask “How would you describe what you think my type is in three words?” Sisters would answer with genuine or comical answers, then the next person would ask the rest the same question. Sisters then did a scavenger hunt where they would all have to find an item that reminds them of a particular sister. We all shared the items we brought and reminisced about the memories that were brought up. Afterward, we moved into some deeper connection questions. These topics were more personal, looking deeper into each sister. We opened up about our recent struggles and perceptions in this safe environment where sisters respected and listened to each other. The next activity was looking deeper into our perceptions about our sisterhood. We delved into why we joined APhiG and what surprised us about joining the sisterhood. 

This Spooky Sisterhood provided the perfect opportunity to have fun and dress up with sisters while being online and also connect deeper with each other. We are so thankful to our Sisterhood Chairs, Dianna and Joyce, for organizing such an entertaining event and to the rest of the active house for a great time!