FYI Sisterhood

Nu Chapter at Midwest Sisterhood

On the weekend of March 25th through the 27th, two Nu Chapter sisters, Jane “HU5TLE” Yu and Meghan “so1FLOWER” Enoch, traveled to Wisconsin to attend Midwest Sisterhood hosted by UWW Charter. As the first in-person Midwest Sisterhood since the beginning of COVID, it was an excellent opportunity for sisters in our region to connect and finally meet each other! The weekend was filled with many sisterhood activities such as Truth or Dare, Self Love Letters, and Game Night to allow sisters to get to know each other. They also watched Turning Red for movie night which resulted in lots of tears and hugs.

Meghan shared, “The best part of Midwest Sisterhood for me was getting to meet sisters outside my chapter! I crossed Spring 21 as part of the Kappa Kanade Class at Nu Chapter, and due to COVID, I haven’t had a chance to meet other sisters until now! Sisters were so sweet, and I enjoyed getting to know them so quickly! The weekend flew by fast so it was bittersweet to say bye to everyone, but I am excited to see them again soon one day!”

Towards the end of Nu Chapter’s trip out to the Midwest, UWW sisters were kind enough to act as tour guides in Milwaukee, WI. Our sisters found Milwaukee to be quite quaint with a distinct art scene and lots of small businesses! They visited Milwaukee Public Market, which is huge and has so many different cuisines to offer, and strolled around downtown before stopping by. Likewise, a very aesthetic plant-filled coffee shop! While the weather was cold throughout our stay, our hearts were warmed by the sisterhood we felt throughout the weekend. Nu Chapter would like to express our gratitude to UWW Charter for working so hard to make the weekend a success and would love to see Midwest Sisters again sometime soon!