FYI Sisterhood

Nu Chapter: 2020 Vision

Although the impact of COVID-19 has been affecting all of us and the majority of the world, I wanted to highlight some positive achievements from our chapter at North Carolina State University in the moments before and during this pandemic. 

In December 2019, a local apartment business hosted a competition amongst the NC State Greek organizations. Each participating organization had their photo posted on the same Instagram page. The photo with the most comments, likes, and shares, won $1,000 toward a philanthropic cause. Our sisters, lit with a passion for ending domestic violence toward women, commented and shared the post for a week straight. By the end of the competition, our photo held 1st place with over 31,000 comments and over 2,000 likes.

On February 1, 2020, Alpha Phi Gamma at North Carolina State University hosted a 5-Year Formal in celebration of our milestone and impact on campus and beyond. As a member of the 5-Year committee, I can say that our sisters worked hard for months in preparation for the event. We raised around $1,000 altogether by volunteering at Carowinds in Charlotte, hosting a Chipotle Fundraiser, a Donut Fundraiser, and a raffle! Our seats filled up within 48 hours of registration, and many organizations from our community came out to support. Sisters engaged in class performances, raffles, paddle exchange, and a surprisingly competitive round of Kahoot. The formal was a success, as it reminded many of us why we should be proud to be a part of Alpha Phi Gamma at Nu Chapter!

Although school has been closed and all classes are shifted online, sisters are still able to keep up with each other via Zoom, FaceTime, GroupMe, text, etc. Some Random video calls occur when new music comes out, and sisters have even found that playing Animal Crossing together can be fun. This new form of strict virtual communication is different and confusing but being able to connect with others really is a blessing. We hope that all sisters, family, and friends are continuing to stay safe!