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Nothing Short of Legendary: Meet the Legendary Lambdas of Mu Chapter!

Meet the Legendary Lambdas

Written by Ava Lam

Nothing Short of Legendary: Introducing the Legendary Lambdas of Mu Chapter!

As we welcome the new year, Mu Chapter would like to officially bid 2020 a farewell by highlighting our neos who have been a beacon of light for us all. The pandemic has presented many unique challenges, but these three resilient ladies have demonstrated with so much poise and tenacity what it means to be a sister of Alpha Phi Gamma. We want to give a huge shoutout to their hardworking Ritual Chancellor (Aparna “Am¡rgent” Leena #37M) and warmhearted Potential New Member Mom (Alison “Minerva” Nguyen #22M) for guiding these ladies into our everlasting sisterhood. With that said, Mu Chapter is thrilled to be introducing to the sorority the Legendary Lambdas Class of Spring 2020!

Please keep reading to learn more about our Lambdas as they share who they are, what APhiG has taught them, and what they’re looking forward to this year. 

Susan “SHION” Lee #44M

I am a sophomore majoring in Speech Language Hearing Sciences. I like listening to music, reading books, and spending time with my friends. Some fun facts about me: I was a dancer for ten years, I have a black belt in karate, and I also have a younger sister who is almost exactly 7 years apart from me (I was born November 14th and she was born November 15th). Being a sister has taught me many things from soft skills like time management to life skills like self-care and persistence. I am most looking forward to in 2021 no longer being in a pandemic, but that is a work in progress it seems. 

Hannah “J¡jīviṣā” Sim #45M

I am currently a junior studying Psychology with a minor in Leadership. I grew up in a suburb of Chicago called Wilmette; it’s the area where the members of Fall Out Boy and Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute in “The Office”) are from! In my free time I like to do artsy things like paint or make cute things for my friends. I am super lazy but also love going on “adventures” and making memories. Being a sister in APhiG has taught me patience and respect, within my line and also my chapter. I feel like it has also taught me to grow and push myself in ways that I would not have done on my own. Something I am looking forward to this year is graduation (I’m graduating Fall 2021) and working on figuring out the next chapter of my life.

Mary “$ophrøsinii” Xiong #46M

Hello! My name is Mary Xiong, and I am an alumni/recent graduate who majored in Applied Business and Communication. I like listening to music/podcasts (true crimes), I like watching horror movies, documentaries, cartoons, rom coms, or anything that catches my attention, and I like to travel (hope that I can do that after COVID). I am interested in becoming more sustainable, so I am still learning. I’m also really into sneakers.

Being a sister has taught me to help others, grow, and learn. I have been challenged, which helped me a lot to be who I am today because of them. I have learned so much from being a sister in a short amount of time, but I’m grateful to have them. What I look forward to in 2021 is more personal development/growth, focus on working on my goals (short and long term), and getting to know my biggie and gbig (along with all the other sisters). Overall, I want to tackle 2021 with success whether it’s big or small, and make it the best I can.