FYI Midwest Regional Sisterhood

Midwest Regional Sisterhood 2024

We got off the plane in Chicago around noon on Friday, March 22, where we immediately felt the chillier weather. Soon after we were picked up by an amazing sister from Lambda chapter, Pauline! We drove to pick up another sister from Lambda, Brianna, and grabbed brunch together before the long car ride from Chicago to Champaign. The drive there was intermixed with bursts of much needed sleep, lighthearted conversation, and Olivia Rodrigo’s newest music.

We arrived at the Airbnb in Champaign in the early evening, where we got settled in and had a chance to meet other sisters. After dinner at Fiesta Cafe, we had a relaxing night in, chatting with one another and recovering from a long day of travel.

We started the next day with homemade breakfast in the Airbnb, followed by introductions and a game of 36 Questions to Fall in Love. We divided into small groups and quickly got to learning more about each other, including both surface-level details and more vulnerable ones. The activity started with questions about who we would invite to dinner if we could invite anyone, and then quickly led to stories about the most embarrassing moments in our lives. After this activity concluded, we began another activity where we designed our own puzzles in small groups, swapped them, and raced to see who could finish assembling each other’s puzzles first. Our morning concluded with a tour of UIUC’s beautiful campus, and then lunch.

During our schedule break time I took the opportunity to meet up with old childhood friends that currently attend UIUC. I had grown up in Illinois and moved away for college, and I had not been back in nearly three years, so it was a sweet and much needed reunion. It served as a reminder that this weekend was truly a celebration of friendships both old and new.

Once everyone had rested and recharged, we began a new round of sisterhood activities. This time, we competed in small groups to see who could create the best mocktail with the ingredients given to us in a limited amount of time. We concluded the night with a relaxing activity of painting wine glasses while we gathered around the TV while watching the newly released Quiet on Set documentary. Dinner was catered from Portillo’s and as we sat together enjoying our food it was clear that though we had only met a day ago, the bonds and love among us was stronger than before.

And just like that, our weekend of sisterhood was over all too soon. I felt sisterhood the most when the Lambda sisters offered to make the two hour drive from Champaign back to the Chicago airport at four in the morning because our flight was boarding at seven. Reluctantly, we said our goodbyes and made plans to meet again at Conference in the summer. The whole plane ride home I reflected on the new people I had met and memories I had made in such a brief but unforgettable weekend. Overall, I knew it was an experience that I would look back on fondly in the years to come, and I will forever be grateful to the lovely sisters who organized the event as well as the new friendships that were made there.