FYI Small Business


UW-Whitewater Charter is extremely proud of the dedication our sisters have put towards the growth towards our organization and have extended that within their professional lives. Fatima Barajas and Maikou Xiong from charter “CHiP” class, have collaborated together to bring their passion from cosmetology to launch their lash business: mfxLashes. They have held this partnership since the beginning of 2021. 

Before initiating their lash business, they had to take appropriate measures to ensure they would be able to have a successful launch. Through research on products, cost, and marketing they have compiled several documents and spreadsheets with the information they have gathered. Thereafter, they were able to continue planning on calculations and brainstorming on the lash product for launching. This included how to promote and market their small business. 

Starting a small business can definitely be intimidating, especially in the first few stages. A word of advice from Maikou if you are wanting to start-up your own small business to see your vision come to life is, “Starting a business involves careful planning. Identify your passion or expertise, conduct market research, create a solid business plan, and ensure financial readiness. It’s crucial to understand your target audience and have a unique value proposition.” 

They both graduated in Spring 2023. Fatima “¡GLAMOUR!” Barajas graduated with a bachelor degree in Finance and Spanish with a minor in International Business. Maikou “SÄGE” Xiong graduated with a bachelor in Finance and General Management. After graduating and receiving their diploma, they enrolled into an esthetician program during the summer. They were able to continue their learning career, by focusing on beauty, cosmetics, and personal care. They documented their progress journey on instagram, by uploading before and afters, timelapses, and tips for their followers. Many sisters also supported them by coming in for facials, waxing, lash extensions, etc. They are both now licensed estheticians in Wisconsin.

Their constant passion, enthusiasm, and commitment towards achieving their goals is admirable. To support and learn more about both Fatima and Maikou’s journey, please check out their instagrams!


  • Lash Business: @mfxlashes
    • Find prices and styles here!
  • Fatima Barajas: @barajas.aesthetics
  • Maikou Xiong: @maka.aesthetics