Class Crossing FYI

Meet the Nu “Now or Never” Class of the Mu Chapter: The Golden Child

Introducing the Golden Child

(our affectionate nickname for our first ever solo line):

Sister #50M Aileen “$ÜGÂ BØMB” Pham

Firstly, credit must be given to the RC, PNM Mom, and Big for leading, welcoming, and supporting our newest Neo unconditionally with much love.

Big: Mary “$ophrøsinii” Xiong #46M
RC: Hannah “J¡jīviṣā” Sim #45M
PNM Mom: Amelia “Seraph BLADES” Chea #35M

Our Neo is a perfect addition to our Sisterhood! There are many words to describe her, all
following the lines of strong, independent, feisty, kind, and loyal. She is always giving 110% and
she never leaves a Sister behind. She will always tell you exactly what she thinks and always has
people’s best interest at heart. She is an incredibly hard worker and has wisdom beyond her
years. She is a busy lady advising student groups, working 40+ hours a week, and taking difficult
STEM courses. We are grateful that she joined the Sisterhood and are excited to see her grow
and flourish as she has endless potential. I hope you all stay tuned and see all the things that she
will accomplish. Some other facts about our neo is that she is a fourth year majoring in
Kinesiology. She is also allergic to shrimp, pineapple, and is lactose intolerant. Although that
never stops her from eating them anyway. When asked “Why APhiG?,” she had this to say:

​​“I wanted to join APhiG because I was really drawn in by the environment. All the sisters are
really supportive, welcoming, and even if I’ve met them for the first time it’s always a good time.”

Additionally, as a Neo and her new role as an Active House member, she is looking
forward to recruitment and being able to create a growing and supportive environment for our
future Neos with AH.
Due to our small Active House, our talented Neo will be taking on various positions:
Historian/Publicity Chair, Philanthropy Chair, Co-Recruitment Chair, Social Chair, and
Fundraising Chair! If you would like to get to our Neo some more we have a Neo Spotlight post
on our Instagram: @aphig_umn. Please welcome her with open arms!