Class Crossing FYI

Meet the Lambda “Lionheart” Class of Kappa Chapter: Our Dancing Queen

On April 16th, 2022, Kappa Chapter at the University of Nevada, Reno, welcomed one lovely lady into the sisterhood as the Lambda ‘Lionheart’ Class. She had a unique experience with her process as a solo class. As a strong woman, she completed her process! Our Active House aimed to support her throughout it all.
“I am proud to be in a solo class. Although I am solo, I was never alone,” she expressed.

83K Maia-Chriselle “Queen Eliz4beth” Tutay
Year: Incoming Sophomore
Major: Pre-nursing

Maia found inspiration and infinite support from the Sisters. “The support of my Big, Maddie and
my GBig LaNeya did wonders for my mental and emotional health during my process knowing
that they were just one call or text away if I needed it. Another big inspiration of mine was Helen.
Her genuine encouragement and sweetness really helped me push through some of the hard
and stressful parts of the process. Lastly, Leanne, who is also a Solo Class, inspired me so
much to keep pushing. Not to mention, her little Jess is pretty amazing too. Her words of
encouragement and advice on being a solo line really set the foundation for me to go back to if I
had any doubts or struggles. Knowing how great of a person Leanne is and all of her
accomplishments (and her great dancing), I know I could do the same and follow in her
footsteps of being a solo class.”

As Kappa Chapter continues to grow since re-chartering, she is proud of what her Sisters have
accomplished and will accomplish in the upcoming years. She has so much love and respect for
them despite being around for one semester. “Being a solo line allowed me to get to know each
sister and in a way take away some of their characteristics during my process. Maddie’s
dedication, Kayla’s ambitious attitude, Jade’s commitment, Rae Jeanne’s love, Helen’s comfort,
B’s helping hand, Sydney’s humor, Nissa’s coolness, Stormie’s spontaneity, Kate’s go-getting
attitude, Gi’s coziness, and Janea’s intelligence have all aided me in the ability to be a solo line.
These girls are so important to me and I am already so protective of them and I can’t wait to
learn from our future sisters here at Kappa Chapter.”

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the love and support from our beloved
Papas, Mamas, and Big! They were there for Maia in every single step of the way.

RC: 68K Kayla “Luv(sic)” Arcangel
PNM Mom: 72K Jade “AdoROARable” Gualberto
Big: 79K Maddie “Ve1vet Queen” Levy

“Guiding my Kiddo, Maia, throughout her process was very intimate and special. She was a solo
line, but that never stopped her from going above and beyond what was expected of her. She
always came prepared, never hesitated to ask questions, and getting to know bits and pieces of
beautiful self every day throughout the process was a blessing,” Kayla, her RC, said.

“What I love about Maia is that she’s never failed to amaze everyone with her talents and
dedication to our sorority! That’s why I sometimes refer to her as our golden maknae, she’s the
youngest and went through her process as a solo yet so powerful,” Jade, her Mom, said.
“Miss Maia is so sweet and loyal. She’s everything I could hope for in a sister and truly
embodies the idea of sisterhood,” Maddie, her Big, said.

“We’re definitely fun and chaotic and that’s what I love about us. No matter what we’re doing,
there’s always something to laugh about,” Maia said.

As we crossed our 2nd class upon re-chartering, we are so thankful for all of the support we are
receiving from fellow Sisters, our MGC community, and friends. Maia is lucky to be welcomed
into such a loving community.

We are so proud of you, Maia! You are the perfect addition to our Sisterhood and the little sister
to us all. We are so excited to see what is next for you, in and out of Alpha Phi Gamma. Thank
you for brightening our days with your little dancey dance!