Class Crossing FYI

Meet Eta Chapter’s Newly Crossed Sister!

Eta Chapter is excited to announce that we have crossed our newest sister into our Sisterhood this fall! As
a solo line, we could not be prouder of her dedication and commitment to our sorority, and we look
forward to all that is to come. Also, a big congratulations to Katelin Huang and Katie Tien for raising
their first kiddo! We are ever so thankful for all your efforts, as well as all of Active House, for making
this semester an enjoyable and memorable experience.

And now, without further ado, I’d like to introduce my wonderful, goofy Little:

Kayleigh “Ta✧lanya” Morrow #105H
Hello! My name is Kayleigh “Ta✧lanya” Morrow #105H, part of the Alpha Gamma “Dãughters of Γαῖα.”
Class, and I am the latest Neo of Eta Chapter. I’m majoring in Microbiology with a minor in Plant
Sciences, and I plan on studying fungi in the future. I’m Filipina American, and I’m from a small town
called Litchfield, IL which is about an hour from STL and an hour from Springfield, IL. I enjoy going to
concerts, crocheting, watching movies, playing video games, and sleeping (some of my favorite groups
are New Jeans and NCT)! I chose Alpha Phi Gamma because I got along very well with the girls I talked
to, and I felt like I belonged after the first info night. I love what we stand for, and I can’t wait to represent
Some more fun facts about me:
1.      I’ve seen New Jeans, TXT, and J-Hope live.
2.      I can wiggle my ears/hairline.
3.      I was 1 of the 3 Asians in my entire high school (9-12)
4.      I was a Universal Cheer Association All-American and had the opportunity to cheer in London
and Hawai’i. (did not take it though)

Once again, congratulations Kayleigh! As your Big, I am beyond thrilled to officially call you my Lil’
Sis, and I know this is only the start of what you’ll accomplish. Here’s to more laughs, food-dates, and of
course, more opportunities to watch your stellar dances!

By: Jessica “☾hanta-raya” Xie