Class Crossing FYI

Lambda Chapter’s Rho Reign Class of Fall 2022

Introducing the Rho Reign
Class of Fall 2022 at Lambda

On November 20th, 2022, Alpha Phi Gamma’s
Lambda Chapter welcomed our newest Sisters
into the Sisterhood. These young ladies have put
their all into this Sisterhood and have grown
tremendously. They went above and beyond in
fostering these bonds with each other, their
Active House, and their Big Sisters. These ladies
were guided by their Ritual Chancellor, Michelle
“ÍLLite” Nguyen and their Potential New
Member Mom, Cristina “alMight’y” La and they
are both so proud of how far they have come.
Without further ado, let’s get to know our baby
panda bears!

117Λ, Julia “MAYARI” Andal

“My name is Julia Andal, I’m a freshman (18)
studying pre-nursing. Some of my hobbies are
playing video games and hanging out with
family, friends, and especially Sisters. What I
love about APhiG is the sense of belonging I felt
from sisters since the beginning. Sisters have
always pushed me to be the best version of
myself and I’ve always felt open to express my
thoughts/ideas without the fear of being judged.
I know at the end of the day Sisters will always
have my back.”

118Λ, Brianna “Shoūko” Bello

“Hello! My name is Brianna Bello, I’m a
Sophomore majoring in Finance. I’m 19 years
old and some of my hobbies are crocheting,
playing with my cat and hamster. I also like
playing different pc games. I love APhiG
because of everyone I have met since being a
part of this amazing sisterhood. I grew up in a
small family. Having that big family with
cousins, aunties and uncles had always been
something I’ve wanted. I’m proud to be a part of
this Sisterhood I call home.”

119Λ, Aubrey “DETØNATE” DeGuzman

“I’m Aubrey DeGuzman (19), a first year at
UIC! Some of my hobbies include producing
music, going to the gym, and exploring my
favorite city of all time, Chicago! I love how
Alpha Phi Gamma has given me the opportunity
to personally grow and develop through
leadership opportunities while also fostering
tight bonds with such amazing, Real and
Authentic women I am proud to call my Sisters.
The Sisterhood that I am so grateful to be a part
of has given me that continuous drive and
determination to become a better person as I
learn and actively exhibit what it means to be a
Classy Lady of Alpha Phi Gamma.”

120Λ, Melanie “GROUND XERO”

“Hi!! My name is Melanie Rivera and I am 19
years old. I’m a Freshman and I like to read,
listen to music, and watch crime/weird
documentaries in my free time. What I love
about Alpha Phi Gamma are the welcoming and
trusting environment Sisters have made me feel
as a newbie in college. They have given me so
much advice about school, work, and just life in
general. They made me feel like I belonged at
UIC and always made me laugh after a rough
day. I know everyone in APhiG has my back
and I am forever grateful for having joined this

121Λ, Jasmine “äMpłify” Zeng

“Hello! My name is Jasmine Zeng, I’m 18 years
old and currently a freshman at UIC. A few
hobbies of mine include gaming, cooking, and
traveling. And I love APhiG because sisters
have been welcoming to me ever since meeting
me for the first time. They’re always there when
I need a shoulder to lean on or someone to hype
me up. I’m so thankful to be able to rely on this
beautiful community of ladies for support.”