FYI Philanthropy

Lambda Chapter’s Hot Chocolate Sisterhood

On February 12th, 2022 Alpha Phi Gamma Lambda Chapter held a hot chocolate sisterhood to meet our 100% sisterhood measure. I always look forward to events like these because I know it helps our sisterhood become stronger than it already is. It also helps me grow and develop as a person. Throughout our sisterhood events I always leave gaining a new perspective, advice, and a sense of release knowing that I can let my emotions out comfortably. During this sisterhood, I was able to learn a lot about sisters as well as things that occurred in their life that made them who they are today. I was very pleased to learn more about sisters personally because it helps create that genuine connection between each other. We also had an onion sisterhood while we drank our hot chocolate. In this sisterhood game each round you peel back a layer like an onion meaning the questions get deeper. I was able to express myself and open up about things that I didn’t expect ever to say. However, sisters made the environment, as well as myself, feel safe and comfortable enough to say how I truly feel. That night sisters taught me that it’s ok to let down your guard when you feel ready enough to do so; and when you do they will be there for you. I have never seen someone be so quick to offer a tissue, a hug, water, etc. The love that radiated through that room reminded me why I wanted to join such an authentic and real sisterhood. Entering college in a big city I knew that I wanted to find a community that would surround me with positivity and everlasting love. Who knew that I would end up finding a family and become a life long sister of Alpha Phi Gamma. ~ Christie “GΘDSPEED” Jackson