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We are established on college campuses across the nation. Each one of our Charters offers an experience unique to their individual universities.

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Alpha Phi Gamma has membership eligibility requirements. See below if you qualify.


All interests must meet these general eligibilities:

  • Must be enrolled in a College.
  • Sincere interest toward the achievement of the goals of Alpha Phi Gamma.
  • Well-rounded personality; Enthusiastically contribute their talents and participate in all functions to bring honor and pride to Alpha Phi Gamma.
  • Integrity of character in all decisions, actions, and service to others to achieve better relations in the community.
  • Willing to dedicate their time and effort into continuing the history and traditions of Alpha Phi Gamma.
  • Minimum 2.5 GPA unless they are a first year student without a GPA through the College. *If the College requires a different academic standard for its Greek system, then Members of the Charter will maintain whichever GPA requirement is higher.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Big Sister?​

A Big Sister is given to each new member of Alpha Phi Gamma. The Big Sister personally gives guidance and support through the program. The support that a Big Sister gives is much like that of an older sister.

Is there a process in order to be a Sister of Alpha Phi Gamma?​

Yes, there is a process in place in order to be a Sister of Alpha Phi Gamma. This process is called the Potential New Member Education Process.

What is an Educator?​

A Ritual Chancellor is there to guide and educate the class as a while through the program.

What is a Mom?​

A Mom is there to guide and nurture the class as a whole through the program.

What is the Potential New Member Education Process?

Becoming a Potential New Member of an organization takes a lot of time and dedication. Consider it as adding another class to your course load. However, the Active Members along with the Big Sister, Mom, and Educator will be there to help and guide you.

During the education process, you will learn the history, meaning, and traditions of Alpha Phi Gamma as well as develop strong bonds of Sisterhood with each other. Other skill sets you will grow in are:

  • Time management
  • Professional development
  • Personal development
  • And many more!