Diversity FYI

Invisible Identities

“I never thought I’d join a sorority mostly because I was afraid of how I would be
treated, and if I’d even be accepted. Being a member of the LGBTQ+ community,
there’s a sense of safety we individuals seek, a sense of belonging, and comfort from
others. Safety comes with the meaning, we just want a safe space to be us. To express
our identities. That belonging we crave is like anyone looking to join a cultural Greek
organization, it’s a home away from home. That comfort we want from others, is like a
big hug, an acceptance and love we need just like any other human.

I attended the AFLV conference recently. This is where schools from the west
coast invite their Council leaders to all come together and learn how to lead and be
more inclusive. Inclusive was the key word at this conference. As I attended multiple
sessions, I saw more and more of people affiliated with NPHC,NMGC, NAPA, NALFO,
etc. people from different schools, who shared the same physical identities and

It wasn’t until I came across a few individuals who were apart of Gamma Rho
Lambda. They’re an LGBTQ+ Greek organization, and these individuals were from
Arizona State University. It made me think why there is more LGBTQ+ fraternities and
sororities across campuses. An individual kept saying ‘invisible identity,’ and I thought
that was a perfect way to describe anyone from the LGBTQ+ community.

For me, the way I dress, talk, act, etc. people knew. So for APhiG from Theta
Chapter to take me in wholeheartedly with open arms, felt like a warm embrace. It was
something I never felt before even though my whole family supports me.
There needs to be more LGBTQ+ Greek organizations nationally. If CBFO’s
preach about being the diversity, we as a Greek community need to start including
those of all diverse backgrounds.”

~ China Noeun