Class Crossing FYI

Introducing Eta Chapter’s Fall 2022 Class!

By: YiaSi “EPI;PHΨLLUM” Huang

I am beyond excited to be introducing Eta Chapter’s newest class, the Alpha Beta Ba S¡ng Se! These five ladies are a wonderful and dynamic line, and I am so proud to be able to finally call them Sisters. Learn more about each of our new Sisters below!


Marianne Atup is a freshman majoring in Health Sciences with a Rehabilitation Sciences emphasis and a minor in Business. She was born in the Philippines and immigrated to the United States when she was 11. A few things she loves to do is go to the gym and hang out with friends & family. Mari joined APhiG because she never had an Asian community in her small hometown, and she was looking for a place to belong – which she feels like she has found within APhiG!


Jessica Xie is a freshman majoring in Computer Science! She loves hiking, playing tennis, and thrifting in her free time. She also has a major sweet tooth. Jessica joined Alpha Phi Gamma because she wanted to join a larger, yet tight-knit community of Asian women, which is something she has never really experienced before. And on top of that, “the connections I made with all the other sisters here instantly made me feel welcome and proud of my cultural background.” 


Katelin Huang is a freshman majoring in Animal Sciences and minoring in Captive Wild Animal Management. She loves to rock climb, it doesn’t matter indoor or outdoor, she loves it all! “I decided to join APhiG to find a close knit community of Asians that I could relate to and build long lasting relationships with.” In only a short amount of time, Katelin feels like she has established lifelong connections with both her line sisters and active house.


Angelina Hui is a freshman here at Mizzou majoring in Industrial Engineering, and hopefully earning an MBA through the accelerated masters program. She has lived most of her life in the Chicago suburbs and spent two years of high school living in Shanghai, China. Her career goal is to one day work for Disney as an Imagineer. “I joined Alpha Phi Gamma because of the wonderful sisters and powerful community they provide.” She is so proud to be part of a group of women who celebrate and share similar cultures and identities.


Katie Tien is a freshman majoring in Accounting and minoring in Statistics. In her spare time, she loves to watch Asian dramas (language is no barrier), try new foods (with her lovely epipen on hand, just in case), and embroider gifts for family and friends. “I joined APhiG unexpectedly and more on a whim. Nonetheless, I got something that I always wanted–sisters who will stay with me through thick and thin.”