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I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Feeling “Spring ‘22!”

Recruitment season is back and better than ever! Over the past two weeks, Delta Chapter had the pleasure of partaking in one of the best recruitment weeks yet! The memories made among Sisters and new faces during this time was not only special due to not recruiting during the Fall 2021 semester, but also due to having the privilege to conduct in-person events (safely of course). I think it is important to discuss what the process looked like of having these events and why they were so successful in order to both celebrate our Chapter’s successes and also help other Chapters recruit so that Alpha Phi Gamma can continue to grow as a whole!

After not recruiting for a semester and being faced with the possibility of having recruitment in-person after almost two years of being virtual, we knew there would be a lot of pressure to put on an unforgettable week of events. We also knew the theme, besides the outreach strategies, would be one of the major factors in dictating the success of our recruitment. We decided to go with something relevant, something that people were obsessed with, something that we could only use now and never again.

What’s more relevant than Taylor Swift’s latest album, “Red (Taylor’s Version)?” Frankly, not much. We knew we could use the song titles to influence what types of events to hold, and stumbled across the perfect coincidence: “22 (Taylor’s Version).” Given that we would be recruiting in Spring 2022, it was an opportunity that was just too good not to take. Spin it around to apply to APhiG, and there you had the perfect recruitment theme: “Spring ‘22 (APhiG’s Version).” The creative juices just kept flowing from then on, and before you knew it, we had 7 awesome recruitment events planned.

Out of all of our events, some of our favorite highlights include our philanthropy night, and two of our sisterhood nights. Although the turnout for our “Message In A Bottle” philanthropy night wasn’t great, the interactions made up for it. An impactful and informative presentation was given by our philanthropy chair, and then
had those attending paint empowerment rocks, opposed to the kindness rocks that are well-known. They were then
either kept or placed somewhere on campus for others to see, empowering women wherever they go.

One of our most successful events was “Starlight,” our s’mores, campfire, and movie night! Over 20+ people attended and were able to watch movies, roast s’mores, drink hot cocoa, mingle, all under the stars! It was the perfect cozy environment to allow Sisters and Interests to get to know one another freely and openly!

Another successful event we hosted was our “Girl At Home” or “Crafts and Chill” night! We had a total of 17 Interests come to the event; they outnumbered the amount of Sisters there, it was wild! There was bracelet-making, coaster-designing, origami, puzzles, games, and more! It was another really cute activity that we will definitely be adding to our list of ideas for Sisterhoods! Overall, this recruitment season was very refreshing and allowed us to meet so many new girls! Being able to speak with each girl in-person really catalyzed the start of so many meaningful relationships. Ultimately, this recruitment season reignited that passion in our Chapter of recruiting and continuing to advocate for Alpha Phi Gamma’s growth and legacy.