FYI Sisterhood

How Alpha Phi Gamma Changed My Life

Before I joined the best sisterhood in the universe, I was lost. I didn’t know who I was, what my purpose was, or where I belonged. I walked through my daily life, with the fog of this confusion constantly surrounding me. In high school, I didn’t have a single friend. I ate lunch in the bathroom and spent the weekends at home with my parents. I went to a high school that was majority White, and I didn’t feel like I belonged. Then I came to Michigan State University. My aunt Kanita Bouathong texted me the day I moved in, congratulating me and wishing me an exciting college experience. She asked if I was going to try to join Alpha Phi Gamma, the sorority she crossed into in 2005. It was hard to have any immediate thoughts about the idea, because I just didn’t know a single thing about Greek life. I told her that I wasn’t sure, I didn’t even know where to begin! She convinced me when she said, “do it, it will change your life.” I was hesitant, but I stepped out of my comfort zone.

The process was a rollercoaster. I didn’t know any of the 13 girls who would become my line sisters. It was exceptionally difficult for me, because not only did I have the challenge of completing the process, I had the challenge of finding myself and learning who I was at the same time. There were times I wanted to quit, but my line sisters were what gave me hope.

It wasn’t until after we crossed in Fall 2018 that I feel we were really able to balance sisterhood and business, but once we reached that point, it was amazing. I told my sisters almost every chapter how proud I was of where we were, and how far we’ve come. They were my real sisters. At this point, Alpha Phi Gamma had changed my life immensely. The fog was clearing.

During Spring semester 2019, I met a guy. We moved quickly and within a couple weeks, we were dating. The relationship broke me. He abused me physically, mentally, and emotionally. It wasn’t until after about a month of the abuse that I told my sisters what was going on. They got his address (because I had been staying with him and couldn’t move out) and created a code word for me to send in our group chat if I ever needed help, if I was ever in danger. I didn’t think the day would ever come when I needed to use it. Only about a week after this conversation he threatened to kill me. He punched me in the face. He shattered my phone screen. I was shaking from the tips of my hair to my toes. I sent the message to our group chat and 5 of my line sisters were there in about 7 minutes. One knocked on his door. I opened it and just broke down. They drove me to one of my line sister’s apartments where all 13 of my line sisters came to be there for me. They saved me. 

These are just a couple examples of how this sorority has changed my life. I am forever thankful for my sisters and thankful for everything Alpha Phi Gamma has given me, and that is why I continue to work hard, and give back to the sorority that gave so much to me.