Academic and Professional Development FYI

Hot Girl Semester: Spring 2022

For the Fall 2021 semester, Alpha Phi Gamma’s Xi Chapter achieved an impressive feat of the sixth-highest GPA out of the 70 Greek organizations at Arizona State University! As the Spring 2022 semester approached, Xi Chapter learned this is not just a regular semester but a Hot Girl Semester, an amalgamation of pursuing academic success and personal development while being confident while you do it! Take an insight into the delightfully informative presentation shared by the Spring 2022 academic chair and sister, Martina Montero, and learn to achieve a Hot Girl Semester for all your semesters and beyond.

After a successful Fall 2021 semester of achieving the sixth-highest GPA of all of the Greek life organizations at Arizona State University, the sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma’s Xi Chapter implemented a new kind of mentality towards approaching their academic endeavors. Martina Montero, proudly posed in the center of the picture, shared an academic presentation regarding how one can achieve a Hot Girl Semester, specifically for the Spring semester.

“As the wise Megan Thee
Stallion said, ‘To be a Hottie
you gotta have a lot of self-love
and self-confidence,” Montero
explained, citing rapper Megan
Thee Stallion, a recent college

“I internalized this message and
implemented it in an academic
setting. Having self-love and
confidence is important when
facing the tumultuous highs and lows of academia.”

Spring 2022 is a Hot Girl Semester, a semester that consists of thriving in your academic endeavors while maintaining ‘hot-girl mentality,’ a colloquial term for confidence, most commonly known by Megan Thee Stallion’s classic phrase, ‘Hot Girl Summer.’

To Montero, academic excellence is not possible without self-confidence and self-confidence is not possible without self-love. Montero’s academic presentation focuses on a mixture of content such as studying habits, self-confidence tips, mental health resources on campus, and motivational content.

Ending her presentation, an activity, in which all of active house participated in writing a reflective letter of their Fall 2021 semester and writing down what they learned from Montero’s presentation to make new goals and aspirations for their Spring 2022 semester. Then, these letters are then stashed away and read once it is the end of the Spring semester.

“Through the many triumphs and failures of any college semester, I just wanted to remind the sisters that I am always and endlessly proud of them. Academic excellence is important but it cannot be achieved if self-love and self-confidence are not practiced.”

Montero draws inspiration from the values of Alpha Phi Gamma, academic excellence, personal development, and leadership, and successfully uses sisterhood to implement this knowledge to the active house of Xi chapter and, hopefully, many more chapters.