FYI Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Hosting Midwest Sisterhood 2023

By: Jasmine “TR¡PTYCH” Chen

Eta Chapter excitedly took on the challenge of hosting Midwest Sisterhood this year. After debating whether our chapter was capable and if we had the time commitment, we decided the conference would be the perfect opportunity to meet new sisters and show our chapter’s ability to organize and plan an event. Midwest Sisterhood was hosted in Columbia, Missouri, on March 24th through March 26th. Inspired by the warm weather, we decided to make the theme ‘Spring’. This conference not only brought together sisters from other chapters, but also allowed Eta Chapter to strengthen our relationship with one another as we worked together to produce t-shirts and coordinate to plan the budget and activities. 

The conference began on March 24th. Once sisters from Beta, Epsilon, Lambda, Mu, and Omicron Chapter and KSU and UWW Charter arrived, we all gathered for dinner at Heidelberg, a popular local restaurant. There, Sisters had the opportunity to bond with other Sisters from different chapters. While the rainy weather was not ideal that night, Sisters were able to relax after dinner by watching a movie and enjoying the hot tub provided by the AirBnB. 

On Saturday, March 25th, our activities focused on Sisterhood bonding and effective teamwork skills. Activities the sisters participated in were Sisterhood Pokemon Card Making, Human Knot, Newspaper Fashion Show, Bob Ross Painting, and a Scavenger Hunt of Mizzou’s Campus led by Eta Chapter. Each activity engaged sisters as it allowed them to freely interact with one another and stay active. Throughout the conference, Sisters were given downtime which allowed them to spend more time together (some sisters watched a movie while others played hide and seek!) 

This conference was successful as a result of Eta Chapters’ diligence and effective communication with National Board. Without the support of National Board and the attendance of other chapters, this conference would not be as memorable. Thank you to everyone who attended and supported Eta Chapter through the process of planning for Midwest Sisterhood and we hope those who attended had a great time!