FYI Midwest Regional Sisterhood Sisterhood

Hosting Midwest Regional Sisterhood 2022

This year, UWW Charter took on the challenge to host Midwest Regional Sisterhood. This was the first Midwest Regional Sisterhood our Charter attended in-person, so we were rather nervous to host. After some encouragement, we decided to take on this challenge. Although we have not had much experience planning larger events such as this one and have a decently smaller active house, we thought this would be a great opportunity to grow and meet new Sisters! Our Sisterhood Chair, Briana “Farïza” Vang, led the planning and execution of the event, and our charter is proud and thankful for her leadership! She planned a great foundation for the event and established committees with detailed delegated tasks. Sisters were able to dive into the planning process more smoothly.

Since our Charter is in the small town of Whitewater, Wisconsin, we decided to host the event in another town. Midwest Regional Sisterhood took place in Burlington, Wisconsin on March 25th through the morning of March 27th. Sisters from Beta, Epsilon, Eta, Lambda, Mu, Nu, and Omicron Chapter were able to join us for this event. The theme our Charter decided to use was “Sisters on a Mission” which was inspired by a South Korean variety show called “Running Man,” and the activities were also inspired by different variety show games. However, due to the unfortunate weather forecast the weekend of, we had to go through with our second plan instead and hold indoor activities. Since we had to stay indoors for the majority of the weekend, activities focused on Sisterhood bonding and self-love, such as writing self love letters, a spicy Sisters truth or dare, and watching a movie together (we watched “Turning Red” which was a great movie and Sisters shared some sentimental moments together). Although we were unable to execute our initial plan, we hope that every Sister who visited had a great time!

This event was a success due to the hard work of UWW’s Sisterhood Chair in planning this event and the support of National Board; however, we would also like to give some advice for the charter who hosts Midwest Regional Sisterhood in the future! Firstly, use all of the budget! This is one of the only times when Sisters from within the region will be attending the same event, so go all out and make the event as fun as you want it to be! (NB also gives a generous amount for the budget so no need to worry!) Secondly, have snacks for the whole weekend! We learned this while hosting, since some Sisters arrived later into the evening and were unable to join us for dinner. Also, it was good to have snacks so Sisters were able to grab some for on the go if they needed something light. Secondly, location is key! Having a location where there are more activities to do with Sisters in the case of downtime. This allows Sisters who like to explore to be able to do so as well. Unfortunately, the weather was not in our favor, however, we liked our location nonetheless. Lastly, Sisterhood Chair and/or co-chairs need all the support and assistance they can get from Active House to execute a successful Midwest Regional Sisterhood event! Our Active House quickly learned how much work and communication was necessary to execute this event successfully. Despite the different challenges we faced, we had fun putting on this event.

UWW Charter would like to thank everyone who attended and helped make this such a memorable event. We also would like to give a HUGE shout-out to all of NB who guided us and supported us through our entire planning process. Lastly, a GIANT shout out to Briana “Farïza” Vang for absolutely KILLING it as Sisterhood Chair this semester and we appreciate all the hard work you put into Midwest Regional Sisterhood and our Charter!