FYI Sisters Make the Best Hosts

Hospitable Hosts at Theta Chapter

Traveling for Alpha Phi Gamma is one of the many benefits of being part of the
organization, especially when you have many wonderful Sisters offering to host you. In Alpha
Phi Gamma, one of the things you can count on is the hospitality and kindness Sisters will show
when you travel. For this trip, we stayed for one night from Saturday to Sunday. This was our
first trip as a Charter to visit Sisters of another Chapter! We figured it was the best time to visit
and meet new sisters before our school schedule started piling up. Preparing for this trip took a
lot of planning and we worried about covering the costs of gas, food, and a place to stay.
Because we are college students with a very tight budget, calculating these costs built up a lot of
Fortunately, but unsurprisingly, an alumni and one of our line sisters bigs, Jessica Jeong,
offered to house us and show us around Fort Collins. We were very fortunate to be offered a
place to stay without having to pay a hotel for one night. As we were arriving close to our host
Sisters house, we did not even think about our sleeping arrangements (air mattresses, pillows or
blankets) but our host Sister already set it all up without us having to ask. She even bought us
doughnuts and orange juice for breakfast the next day!
Since we arrived at Jessica’s house late at night, we were not able to see Colorado as we
were driving in, but as we were driving to Fort Collins the next morning, the view was amazing!
The surrounding mountains were absolutely breathtaking. As we visited Fort Collins, we were
able to attend an event for Theta Chapter. Everyone we met was so welcoming and it was really
easy to get to know them. After the event, they invited us to lunch before we headed back to K-
State. We ended up going with a couple alumni and they treated us to a local cream-cheese pizza
Due to the hospitality of our Sisters, Vy and I did not have to worry about going over
budget. It was relieving and comforting to know that Sisters of Alpha Phi Gamma are willing to
take care of you when you visit. Knowing how warm and welcoming the Theta Chapter Sisters
are made the 14 hour drive well worth it.