Alpha Phi Gamma emerged in the Fall of 1993 and became a reality on February 1, 1994, as the first Asian American Interest Sorority on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. The Founders are Allex Choi, Candy Cunanan, Christine Nguyen, Sandie Rillera, Kolleen Kim, Grace Hsieh and Jennifer Oku. These Sisters wanted to bring together all women of different nationalities through the bonds of friendship and sisterhood. The sorority was established to promote service and Asian Awareness to the University and to the community, allowing for all the different nationalities to discover what other cultures had to offer. 

As with the beginning of any organization, Alpha Phi Gamma has started to grow in order to be able to have a strong impact in the future. Since 1993, our Sisterhood bonds have grown internally and formed foundations in California, Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, Missouri, Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, North Carolina, New York, Kansas, and Wisconsin. Seeing our Sisterhood grow over the years is exciting, but more important is that Alpha Phi Gamma has been able to maintain our values and bonds across all our schools. As we continue to grow our Sisters will continue to uphold the values and bonds of our Sisterhood all women of different nationalities, in our communities and universities.


February 4, 1994: Alpha Phi Gamma was founded as the first Asian American Interest Sorority on the campus of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona.


April 25, 1998: San Diego State University chartered

August 29, 1998: Northern Illinois University chartered


May 28, 1999: University of Missouri chartered

June 14, 1999: Northern Illinois University was established as Beta Chapter

December 19, 1999: University of Arizona chartered


May 20, 2000: San Diego State University was established as Gamma Chapter

May 20, 2000: State University of New York, Stonybrook chartered


May 23, 2002: DePaul University chartered

May 26, 2002: University of Arizona was established as Delta Chapter


June 20, 2003: University of Kansas chartered

August 31, 2003: Michigan State University chartered


January 21, 2006: University of Missouri re-chartered

May 28, 2006: DePaul University was established as Epsilon Chapter

May 28, 2006: Michigan State University was established as Zeta Chapter


June 8, 2008: Colorado State University chartered


July 18, 2009: University of Missouri was established as Eta Chapter


April 25, 2010: University of Nevada, Las Vegas chartered

June 26, 2010: Colorado State University was established as Theta Chapter


May 21, 2011: University of Las Vegas, Reno chartered


February 26, 2012: University of Illinois, Chicago chartered

June 16, 2012: University of Nevada, Las Vegas was established as Iota Chapter


July 13, 2013: University of Nevada, Reno was established as Kappa Chapter


June 15, 2014: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities chartered


June 14, 2015: North Carolina State University chartered

June 27, 2015: University of Illinois was established as Lambda Chapter


May 21, 2017: Arizona State University chartered

June 24, 2017: University of Minnesota, Twin Cities was established as Mu Chapter

June 24, 2017: North Carolina State University was established as Nu Chapter


April 13, 2019: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign chartered


June 20, 2020: Arizona State University was established as Xi Chapter

August 24, 2020: University of Wisconsin, Whitewater chartered


June 27, 2021: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign was established as Omicron Chapter


December 3rd, 2022: Kansas State University chartered


April 20th, 2024: Duquesne University chartered