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Grow With APhiG

This spring, Mu Chapter held a public event so everyone could kickoff spring right with some gardening. If you have ever been to Minnesota, you know that the winters are long, icy, and gray. Very gray. The days are short and snow spreads for miles. The sky and the ground become one. The first couple months are merry. With the Holiday Festivities, people are excited and everything seems very jolly. Then after New Year’s people begin to yearn for sunshine, forgetting what the summer air feels like.

Spring arrives slowly, as the snow melts uncovering a new layer. New beginnings, I always call it. With this inspiration, we wanted to mark this transition in Minnesota with a community event for planting Morning Glory seeds which they can take home to grow. During the event, we saw many fellow Greek and also some new lovely faces. It was a great way to check in with our community on campus and on how they hope to grow this upcoming spring, especially with upcoming graduations.

Asking some of our sisters how they have grown since joining APhiG:

19M Gabriella “AiKO” Shaffer

I built a lot of confidence and determination for myself. I know I’m more capable than I think sometimes, it helps me keep working hard and recognize when I need to step it up. When I’m working out I can always do one more rep or at work I can work hard for the last hour of my shift.. setting goals and finishing strong like we learn during the process. I’m better at looking out for people I care about recognizing their needs, finding ways to lessen their load when I can. Being a Big and a Mom has given me opportunities to work on being a better role model and a better listener. All these lessons are things I bring home with me and keep close even after graduation.

37M Aparna “Am¡​rgent” Leena

“I have become more confident and have learned how to become a leader. I learned how to stand up for myself and set boundaries. Being surrounded by people who value their culture has helped me embrace mine as well. My line inspires to continue working hard for our organization. ”

41M Ava “ULTRA.FiNA” Lam

“When I chose to join APhiG, I underestimated the amount of growth I would experience. The sisters truly challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace the discomfort that comes with change. I’ve developed a lot of emotional maturity when it comes to validating my own feelings. APhiG has also taught me how to stand up for myself too. Even some of my peers have noticed that the way I carry myself has changed. Although I have already crossed and went through my own process, APhiG still has a lot to teach me about myself and being a leader within the community.”