Class Crossing FYI

Get to know Alpha Phi Gamma Mu Chapter’s biggest line since charter, the class of Fall 2022: “Omicron “ØPTIMI$TIX L!GHT”

54M, Mimi “Dreamstone” Dang

Hey everyone! My name is Mimi. I’m double majoring in History and Finance. My hobbies include baking pastries, painting, and playing video games when I have time. My favorite thing about Alpha Phi Gamma is that I’ve been able to create meaningful and lost lasting relationships with my line and with the other sisters in Alpha Phi Gamma. I feel like I have truly found my people here. 

55M, Alexis “TRA.i.L.BLAZER” Lethao

Hi! I’m Lexi. My major is computer science! My hobbies are video gaming, painting, and going for walks outside when the weather is nice. I love the connections I’ve made since becoming a sister of Alpha Phi Gamma! Teehee.

56M, Emily “arri(EM:)” Nguyen

Hello! My name is Emily Nguyen and I am a senior majoring in Biology! Some of my hobbies include: playing music, baking, traveling, and gaming. One of the many things I love about APhiG is the sisters I have been able to meet and get to know better! They are such a fun and loving group of people, and I’ve made so many great memories with them already! <3

57M, Yen “ZANIIAH” Pham

My name is Yen Pham, age 22, and I am currently majoring in Psychology B.S. I like to read fiction novels, watch movies, and play badminton and tennis in my free time. I love that I could form connections and bonds within APHIG as well as the welcoming atmosphere I felt when I first met everyone.

58M, Michaela “māi’imøn” Sy

Hi! My name is Michaela Sy and I am graduating this fall with a major in Business and Marketing with minors in Design, Sustainability, and Sales. I was born and raised in Hawaii and moved to Minnesota in 2020 for college. I love to travel and eat – I’m a big foodie! I love APhiG because of all the amazing people I’ve met that support me in every way. I can’t wait to make even more memories with my sisters!

59M, Jenny “lîanh∞” Tran

Hello! My name is Jenny Tran and I am a senior majoring in Finance. I love traveling, gaming, and watching Masterchef 🙂 I love APhiG because it allowed me to meet these beautiful ladies who are like-minded and driven. 

60M, Dzao “ΠΡ” Vu

Hi my name is Dzao, and I’m majoring in Strategic Communication and Interdisciplinary design. I love oranges and creating chaos. At first I just wanted to join Alpha Phi Gamma so that I could stroll because I thought it looked cool, but as I met and got to know my line and the sisters in APHIG, I got to know them as some of the most genuine and intentional people I’ve ever met. 

61M, Quincie “Delph ¡x nïum” Wong

Hi! My name is Quincie Wong! I’m a sophomore (19) studying nursing and minoring in Family Therapy! Some of my hobbies are crocheting, reading, and traveling. A fun fact about me is that I am originally from San Francisco, California! One thing that I love about APHIG is all the amazing people I was able to meet through this organization! The relationships that I have formed through APHIG has allowed me to be vulnerable with my sisters and myself. 

62M, Elaine “m∞gên” Zehr

Hi! My name is Elaine Zehr. I am a second-year nursing major. I love to cook and bake often because of the pride and joy of making something new and my own feels good. I also enjoy hiking, especially with my dog; he has been my number one hiking buddy for seven years now. I love APHIG because it has given me the opportunity to reconnect to and learn more about my Chinese culture. The people are also great!