Culture Shock FYI


During the month of October, there is a Hindu holiday called Navratri. This holiday is celebrating Goddess Durga to celebrate her victory over evil. It consists of nine holidays which are filled with different ceremonies, lights, and sweets. The last day of Navratri consists of a fun-filled dance night which is called garba. Garba is a dance event and can be participated in by all, no matter the level of dance experience! There are steps of synchronized dancing which can last all night long! 

It is a whole evening, and can last for several evenings,  of dressing up in Indian clothes and getting together with your friends and dancing in a venue with such a vibrant energy. There is also another section called the dandiya, which introduces using sticks as a part of the dance. People are paired up and taught the step and the dance has begun! The synchronized dancing goes on and the energy level is high, and it becomes such a beautiful experience!

A few of our Sisters participate in these events, and they have been growing up going to these events. It is especially important now for them in college to still continue to participate in these activities to connect it back to their culture and become nostalgic of their years growing up. Being a part of Alpha Phi Gamma has allowed them to connect and bring more Sisters to these type of events. This also allows them to share the fun and create more memories and have a deeper connection with Sisters while sharing their culture. These Sisters are planning to go to this years events and bring more Sisters who haven’t had the opportunity to participate in these type of activities to spread the culture and also have a fun night of dressing up and dancing!