Class Crossing FYI Philanthropy Sisterhood

Gamma Chapter Updates

The sisters of Gamma Chapter hope everyone is having a great semester! We’re super grateful to be attending classes back in person, with masks and precautions, and to continue to watch our sisterhood grow!

August was a fun month as we were able to move back to school and get back into the swing of in-person learning! The sisters of Gamma Chapter hit the ground running though, as we prepared for our Fall 2021 Recruitment Season. Last semester’s theme was “Space Jam,” and we are so thankful for the turn-out and the opportunity to meet so many amazing girls. Thanks to all the hard work of our recruitment chairs, parents, and active house. We are so proud and excited to have successfully crossed the Alpha Pi Pythons into our sisterhood!

We also had the opportunity to partake in a variety of events this semester, one of our favorites being a philanthropy event to make hygiene kits for the women’s shelter! With the leadership of Casey Pangelinan who organized the event, our active house filled over 100+ hand-decorated paper bags filled with pads, tampons, and other hygiene products to be donated to the San Diego Women’s Shelter.

Thanks to the gorgeous San Diego weather, we were also able to build sisterhood and learn about our cultures during a Culture Potluck in October. Each sister brought a homemade dish and we enjoyed each other’s company as we ate, watched the sunset, and shared memories about our dish and the cultural meaning behind it.

As we close off the month of January we are reminded to show gratitude for each other and everything that APHIG has given us.