Diversity FYI

Founder’s Week at DePaul: Asian Knowledge Bowl

For our Founder’s Week this year, Epsilon Chapter hosted our annual cultural event,
Asian Knowledge Bowl, which is also one of our measures. The event is hosted in Jeopardy
format and covered history, culture, famous figures, national symbols, and miscellaneous facts.
In addition to being a fun way for different teams to compete against each other for a prize, it
also helps to create a sense of community between our respective organizations. Asian
Knowledge Bowl is also an opportunity for us to teach the community about our respective
cultures and heritage.

Asian Knowledge Bowl isn’t just about representing the individual cultures of the
members of our active house, though. It’s also important to make sure that we represent as
many different Asian cultures as possible because paying homage to our roots is an integral
part of what we stand for as a whole. Our Jeopardy questions ranged from South Korea to India
and Turkey. It was important for us to include as many of the 48 countries in Asia as we could
while also ensuring that the questions weren’t difficult to the point where the teams would be

During the Google Slides presentation, after each question, the answer slide had
information that expanded upon each question. This was so that we could present new
information in an engaging way. For example, the answer to our “Miscellaneous 500” question
was Wu Zetian, who was China’s first and only female emperor. Instead of revealing the answer
and leaving it at that, the slide also included brief information about how her reign was received at the time, versus how historians look at it now.

This event also taught us that no matter how far we may be from our respective
countries or how disconnected we may feel from our cultures, we’re all extremely proud of
where we come from, and that doesn’t change no matter what. This is true of the Sisters of
Epsilon Chapter, as well as the members of all the organizations that attended.