FYI Philanthropy

Dog Toys for Arizona Small Dog Rescue

On November 28th,2021 the Xi Chapter of Alpha Phi Gamma had its semesterly
community service event online. Thanks to the hard work and planning of our Co-
Philanthropy Chairs, Nicole Inocentes and Martina Montero, we were able to complete
our required measure, as well as have a good time doing it together. For this service
event, all of our Active House hopped on Zoom to make fun and colorful dog toys for the
Arizona Small Dog Rescue. First, we had all of our sisters beforehand gather the
necessary materials to make the dog toys (old t-shirts and scissors). Then, we cut the
old t-shirt into long strips of fabric and short strips of fabric. After we cut the shirt into
strips, we tied a knot at the top of 3 fabric strands to hold it together. Once it was secure,
all of our sisters started to braid the 3 strips of fabric to make the beautiful dog toys (as
seen in the picture). While braiding these dog toys, all of our sisters were jamming out
to some tunes and having a good time. This community service event was unlike other
ones that we have done in the past, so we all enjoyed being able to make dog
toys for dogs to play with. All of the collected dog toys were donated to Arizona Small
Dog Rescue, and they were happy to receive these handmade dog toys. As an Active
House, we loved taking part in this event and would love to share this idea for a service
project to the other Charters of Alpha Phi Gamma. We highly encourage other sisters to
use this idea to plan for their community service measure because it was a simple
project but we all had a good time making the dog toys. Although we all attended from
different locations remotely, we were still able to participate in service to our community
as well as growing our sisterhood!