FYI Sisterhood

Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sisters on a zoom call

Written by Kat Lee

Almost one year ago, the world as we knew it came to a screeching halt and in its place came a rather strange and unique alternate reality. Different was an understatement. We could no longer do the things that made us feel human; no more physical contact with those around us, no more dining in our favorite restaurants with our favorite people, and worst of all, no more organizational gatherings amongst our sisters. 

It was a peculiar moment when our cameras lit up and our many faces illuminated the screen. We smiled at each other, giggling and waving. This is what our weekly meetings had transformed into: simple zoom calls that allowed all of us to gather within the safety of our own homes. It was odd, but, strangely enough, it was okay. We were unsure of how and what laid ahead of us, but together, we were ready.

Throughout the months, creativity was a critical factor in how we managed to keep our sisterhood alive. We made sure to take advantage of every platform in effort to ensure absolute efficiency and effectiveness in everything we did. We tested out different meeting calls with zoom and google hang outs. We tried new sisterhood activities of playing online board games and asking the right questions to learn more about one another. We even dived straight into recruitment where attracting new interests was an entirely unique challenge in itself. 

This brings me to where we are today. It makes me proud to say that my sisters and I, the Iota chapter at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, have not only managed this pandemic, but we conquered it. Despite the many obstacles of adjusting schedules, altering activities, and even just meek little technical difficulties, our sisters have fought and tackled each and every issue with our heads together and our hearts on the line. It was an incredible and empowering journey to see our organization thrive under the unique pressures of this past year. It is absolutely true what they say: distance makes the heart grow fonder, and I have never known sisterly love as deeply as I do today.