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Class Crossing!

Written by Patricia Albunan

Unfortunately due to COVID-19, we had to push back recruitment; however, Xi Chapter is so excited to announce the new Zeta “Zaydreams” Class of Spring 2020! Our new class consists of 7 sweet and hardworking girls who are so excited to finally be a part of an amazing sisterhood.

Patricia “wisteria” Albunan #41Xi

Major: Architecture Minor: Sustainability

“I’m most excited to meet new sisters from other chapters and attend a conference in the future!”

Marissa “Mimosa” Edwards #42Xi

Major: Mechanical Engineering

“I just received my APhiG penpal this week! I’m super excited to send my first letter soon!”

Grace “Frequency” Jung

Major: Fashion

“I’m excited to create more memories with sisters as an active!”

Anna “Lustre” Le #44Xi

Major: Supply Chain Management Minor: Fashion

“I’m excited to be able to meet more sisters and bond with them! I’m also excited to teach new members what it means to be a sister.”

Kristine “Ascension” Le #45 Xi

Major: Digital Culture

“I’m very excited to connect and do fun activities with my sisters. COVID has really messed up my groove, but I’m staying positive for next semester’s activities.”

Angela “Awamori” Tran #46Xi

Major: Psychology Minor: Biological Sciences

“I’m super excited to become a big and help the sorority in any way I can.”

Destiny “cat.a.pult” Tran #47Xi

Major: Supply Chain Management Minor: Fashion

I’m excited to bond with my sisters, get involved, and grow the sorority on campus.”

Dannielle “afterGLOW” Tumpap #48Xi

Major: Psychology

As an active, I am really excited to be able to plan some really great events and to encourage other organizations/people interested in APhiG to attend as well! I’m hoping we can be a positive light within the ASU community as well as the Asian American community.”

Sarena “imPAWsible” Yeh #49Xi

Major: Business Communications

“I’m actually so looking forward that someday in the future I might be able to have the opportunity to be someone’s big, take care of them and help them get through their process! This fact excites me!!”