Event Recap FYI

Cheers to Sisterhood: Mocktail Sisterhood Event

On October 21st, our Omicron Chapter’s Sisterhood Chairs, Maya Kevern and Katie Leinart, hosted a Sisterhood Measures event. The event was planned in light of our University’s homecoming, and the fact that our alumni and Sisters from other chapters would be visiting -– the perfect time to host an event. 

At this event, Maya and Katie had Sisters join together in teams and partake in a “Chopped”- style mocktail contest. This event engaged our Sisters in fun, light-hearted competition that allowed our Sisters to showcase their creativity and ability to problem solve. Sisters were given limited ingredients and time to draft and have their mocktails come to life before they were presented to our Sisterhood Chairs, who acted as the judges. Sisters were scored based on their execution, taste, incorporation of a randomized secret ingredient, and more. After careful deliberation and scoring, Maya and Katie chose their favorite drink, Shark Week @ Bay-PhiG, which incorporated a combination of Pacific Cooler Capri Suns, Sprite, strawberries and lemons, and various gummies! 

Although many of us are competitive at heart, this event highlighted our Sisterhood and our ability to collaborate as a team and solve challenges together. Even in teams where there were Sisters who had just met for the first time, this event made it feel like we had known each other for forever and allowed us to work together. Events like this go to show how our Sisterhood is not limited by distance. Instead, our Sisterhood is amplified by the fact that our Sisters are nationwide and that we have a home-away-from-home regardless of where you are in the world! 

Thank you again to our lovely Omicron Chapter alumni, as well as visiting Sisters from Beta, Lambda, Mu Chapter! We loved hosting you and hope you all had fun visiting our Chapter and at our Sisterhood event!